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POWERFLUSH LEEDS – Powerflushing in Leeds
Today we’re working in Seacroft in Leeds. We’ve come to do a power flush on a heating system. So, we’re just gonna have a walk around now. We’re gonna have a look at the pipe work, and look at the system. We’re gonna use our thermal imaging camera, just to see how bad the radiators are. And then, we’re going to establish what we’re going to do with this instal.
Right, so we’ve come out to do a power flush today. We’re just gonna trace all the pipes. You see that we’re getting … about 32, 33 degrees. See pipe work in the wall there. Trace some pipes, you can see them. Just don’t keep warm. So, we’re at the lounge here now. We’ll go to this other one that’s in the lounge. So, we’ve got about 29 on that one. Not working very well. It’s all of eight mil, so the duct work very well at all. We’ll see there.
Just gonna have a look at the boiler. So, boilers in kitchen. Kitchen radiator. We can see there, that’s … 13 degrees on that one.
We’ll just go upstairs.
Does anyone want a cuppa?
I’ll have a coffee please, two sugars. Thank you very much.
Bedroom radiator. About 42 degrees. It’s really struggling this system. It’s all piped off eight mil, and then it’s been extended. And people’s put bits of 15 in. But the heart of the system is eight mil. So, it goes to an eight mil manifold somewhere.
So, that’s boiler that. Radiator.
So, it’s got pipe work here. So, out of this pipe work it comes down in eight mil. And then somebody’s T’d into eight mil and then they’ve put this radiator of it. So, it doesn’t work very well. It’s never gonna work very well, no matter what we do. But, we’re just going to try as best to flush it as best we can.
Alright, same with this one here. So, this big radiator connects up to 15 mil, but then it goes into the wall and in the wall, it’s an eight mil. So, again, it’s never gonna work brilliant. And then again, with this one. It’s 15 mil, it goes eight mil at wall. So, again that’s never gonna work brilliant either.
So, we’ll just have a look up here now. And it we look at some of the pipe work up here, it’s not great. So, again, this room’s off eight mil. Cylinder, and if we have a look in here how it’s piped. So, this connects out of the floor there, on eight mil. And it’s been extended round here in 15 mil. All the way around there, into this radiator. So, again we’re always going to struggle to get up to heat very well.
This one, again it’s an eight mil at floor, then it goes to 15. And then this one here. Again, it’s on eight mil sames. So, eight mil comes out of the floor there. Eight mil, and then it’s extended onto 15 mil. That 15 mil goes round there to that radiator. Somebody’s put isolation valves on there.
So, we’ve actually abandoned this power flush. The pipe work is all small eight mil pipe, and it’s been badly connected onto. And the pipework just needs updating, really. So, that the actually radiators themselves are all fine. There’s no sludge in ’em. The water is clear. So, we’re not going to charge customer for a power flush what that didn’t need. So, what we’ve done, we’ve advised the customer to have the system re-piped. And that’s it for

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