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Today I’m going to show you how to put the Ideal Logic into Service Mode. How to put it into “high” and how to put it into “low” fire, so that when you’re testing it with your flow gas analyzer you can get the readings that you need to get. Let’s have a look.

So, first of all we’ll turn the power on and we need a call for heat to do this, so if you see there I said that to about 10 o’clock, I’m just going to override the stat and we’ll see that it’s C, so that’s calling, the blue lights come on, and then what we’ve got to do with this is turn this quickly so … like that, twice. You see that actually went into service mode, it is very, very tricky to do. So we’ll put this flow gas analyzer … and then when we look at that that’s now on high fire.

So will get the readings for high fire first. And just print that out. And then we’ll try and put it into low so what you do is again you turn it to the left into there and it should go into low. Yeah, it’s gone into low. It is fussy, it is tricky and it does take a little bit of getting your head around it how to do it. It’s even more tricky when you’ve got a phone in your hand trying to do it.

So now that’s low so that’s going to give us this low fire, so again we’ll just print that out. So we’re going to take it out of service mode, just turn demand off and it’ll go out of service mode. Then we turn demand back on again. It’s no longer in service mode.

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