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#PipeFreeze How to use a pipe freeze kit. Today’s video, I’m going to freeze this pipe here. This is a cold main’s pipe, and we’ve got an outside tap at the other side there. I want to remove this pipe here, so I’m going to freeze this pipe here just on this bend, and then I’m going to cut that pipework off, put a stop end on here.

The reason I’m not going in the house and turning the stop tap off is the stop tap is quite awkward to get to. It’s behind a plinth and the floor’s been tiled. And to get the plinth off, we’ve got to take the dishwasher out and it’s just hard work. And I just thought I’d use it as an opportunity just to do a video for you guys and girls. So yeah, let’s see. I’m going to cut this off here and we’ll put some on the wall and stuff, so yeah. If you like this type of video, please put a thumbs up. Please put a comment below. Really appreciate that. Let’s get on with it.

Just before I freeze this I’ll just show you pressure. Well, I won’t show you pressure. I’ll show you flow. I haven’t got my pressure gauge but I’ve got a flow cup. We’ve got really, really good pressure here. Really good flow. We’ve got about 20 litres a minute on there. Maybe a bit more really. So I’ll just turn that back off now and I’ll set up the freeze kit.

I’ve got some electric plug sockets here, so I’ve just put a waterproof mat on here. You can use these for wrapping radiators and stuff as well. I’ve got the jacket. So I’m just going to put this jacket on here and then what we’ll do we’ll freeze the pipe. One thing to point out as well, before you start freezing. If it’s on a central heating system or something like that, then you need to turn pumps off, and obviously, you’re not allowed any water to be flowing through while you do the freeze. Also, the system needs to be cool. Below 20 degrees. So you wouldn’t be able to use this on hot systems. So I’ve put the jacket on there. I’ve just got a jacket in my pocket, just to show you the inside. On the inside of the jacket, it’s got a brass part of it.

So what you’re going to try and do is locate that tight onto the pipe as you can. So what we’ll do now, we’ll just put some… I’ll set all this up here. I’ll put the can on. I’ve got the weighing scales here. I’ll put the can on and then we’ll do the freeze. So to freeze this, I’m going to use the Arctic spray. So it’s the Arctic Hares Pipe Freezer Pro kit. I’ve got a full kit, which I’ve shown before. I put this little jacket on there. I’ve also got Smart Probes from Testo so we can have a look at the temperature as well, which I thought might be quite interesting as we’re doing this.

So on this, you’ve just got a little tube and it just pushes in into this brass regulator. Real easy. And then you just push it in to here and then all we’re going to do, we’re just going to open this up slowly. And as we open it up, we don’t want any drips coming out of there. If it starts dripping, then we need to back off on it. So I’ve set up the app for the Smart Probe, and I’m just going to turn the regulator on now. Now you can weigh this. It’s got weighing scales with it and you can weigh how much of the gases that you use, but just to remember, if you’re allowing it to drip, then you’re wasting it. So you just need to be careful it’s not dripping as you do it. So I’m just going to open this now.

And if we have a look on the app here we notice that this will start dropping in temperature. So just putting a little bit in. Turn it up a little bit. You might not be able to see it but there’s a mist, like a steam coming off it and as we’re looking on the app we can see that the temperature is dropping. Now just to bear in mind, the clamp is a bit further away. You can see there it’s dripping, it’s running out. So that means we need to back it off. Turn it back down. We don’t want it to be dripping because we’re just wasting the product if it’s dripping. Look at that mat. We’re just wasting it. Just turn it back down a bit.

As we can see on the app, it’s gone down now. It’s going down and down. We’re at about, just under 14 degrees there. 13. So we need to let that cool down for a little bit. Then we can just put a bit more. Turn it back up a little bit. You notice it’s not dripping now. We should be able to hear a click on here. And if you hear that click, it means that the ice plug has formed. And then once you do that, it says that you should wait a further five minutes if it’s on copper pipe, just to allow it to cool down enough before you cut your pipe. Turn that up a little bit. You can see it’s just started to drip again here this side. So I’m just going to back it up again. A bit more.

Arctic Hayes Pipe Freezer Pro

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