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Unlike the loctite 55 this can only be used on metal so ok only metal fittings the 55 can be used on plastic to metal or metal to metal so the 577 is only for metal ok so this will give you a lock as well as a seal for any fitting that you want to lock its very good so if you did something like an outside tap you could move it to the correct position if you need to get the alignment correct its also very good for that very good little accordion pack that’s not the one i want to use this is the one i want to use pull the nozzle up and use the little pump applicator so its very easy to apply so you saw how easy that is but its a quick product and it stays put as well so if you apply it to a fitting its not going to run around the fitting and drip on the carpet or drip onto fresh grout so to apply you apply a little bead to the leading edge of the male thread now for that size thread that’s enough bring the two together and as you wind the two together you will see how it pulls the product all the way around ok so now you do it up so with threads like that we are trying to fill up all the gaps this product which is a liquid plastic and when you get metal contact it turns to a hard plastic so you do that up and get it to where you want it and then you can get your pipe grips and do it up or just leave it like that to cure ok so you have taken the air away and the metal contact that will now cure so anything that’s left outside the joint just wipe off and it leaves you with a really neat finish around the joint so if its on a modern shower fitting or a stainless steel radiator or a designer radiator and you don’t want to see the pipe sealing cord you can use this and it will leave you a very nice neat fitting so 577 hot water cold water potable water it will do lpg it will do gas you will need to leave it to cure before you can pressurised system Loctite 577 how to use and apply

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