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PowderFlush, What is a Powder Flush. Today I’ve got a bit of a different video today. I’ve done power flushing now for 20, 25 years, from the days when I worked for British Gas. And I’ve noticed a newer product on the market called Powder Flush, and I’ve always wanted to know what it was. I always like to know what everything is to do with central heating systems. Open vented heating systems.

So I’ve invited Stephen here from Powder Flush. And Stephen’s going to answer some questions for us regarding Powder Flush, and why you would use Powder Flush rather than power flush. So obviously power flush has been going a long time, and Powder Flush is said to do a better job on microbore systems, and harder jobs where you just can’t flush it. So yeah. So we’ll ask him some questions now. Yeah, let’s speak to Stephen.

All right, well firstly, thank you for having me, Allen. Thank you for inviting me over. So I’m Stephen. I’m from Powder Flush. I invented the process. So I invented the process because power flushing doesn’t always work on all types of systems. And when I was doing power flushing, I realised that that sometimes you need something a bit better, a bit stronger. And that’s why I invented it.

And what is powder flushing?

So Powder Flush is basically, it’s like a power flush, but there’s pellets of different sizes in the water. And it gets pumped through a system and scrapes the pipes and the system clean.

And what does it look like? Have you got any to show us?

I do. I have them over here. So this is our pellets, and it comes in different sizes for the different size of pipes we’re trying to clean. So this one is for our 15 mm and 22 mm pipes. And then we have this one which is smaller, which is for the microbore copper and the microbore plastic.

So this is an example of a pipe that I cut out of a client’s house in London. I’ll bring it closer so you can see it. So the client was having problems with flow, and she’s already replaced a lot of the radiators in the house. And her engineer was saying she needs to start replacing the pipe work and the boiler. And she contracted us to clean the system, and after eight hours the system was working perfectly.

Why would we need a Powder Flush?

So Powder Flush is more of a heavy clean. It’s when you’ve got a serious buildup of rust in an open vented system, a really old system, you have blocked heat exchangers, both the primary heat exchanges and the hot water heat exchanges. So it’s really, it’s a more heavy clean. Or it’s a clean when you’ve already power flushed it, or you’ve used chemicals and it’s failed.

Thank you for that, Stephen. So that was Powder Flushing. Very, very interesting. If you’ve got any questions on Powder Flushing, please ask them in the comments below. And thanks for watching.

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