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Called out to do s service where the customer had tried to remove the case. Fumes coming back into Property. This could of killed them.
Morning GasChat, today I’ve come to a boiler to do a service, it’s a Brittany II T. And what I’ve got here, the customer says the pilot light’s been going out, so the customer has tried to relight this themself. They tried to take the case off, and when they’ve done that, they’ve left the screws undone on the case, which has burnt the seal. They managed then to get the pilot light to work and since then, this has been working. So it’s been working with all the fumes coming back in. So when I came in to this property, I could smell the fumes and clearly there, you can see, it’s melted all the seal. It’s totally melted. So please, don’t play with gas unless you’re Gas Safe registered because this could have had a really, really … Well, this customer could have died. So don’t mess with gas and always use a Gas Safe registered engineer. Stay safe, guys. Thank you.

Allen Hart

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