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How to repair your combi boiler E1 18 E118 DIY guide Baxi Main Potterton . furnace repair.
Today I’m going to show you how to top up or fill up a Baxi 600. Should you have the fault code E118, then this is how you would repair it, and this is how you would get your boiler back working again. On us display there we’ve got E118, so E118 normally means low water pressure. If you have a look on your gauge there, you’ll see on this gauge the gauge is down to zero. What we want to do is we want to fill this back up with water, and we want to take it to just above one. I’ll show you how to do that now. On the Baxi 600, it’s very, very easy, because you’ve got a filling point there, so you simply have to pull that down, and water will go in.
How this works is you’ve got your cold water. Cold water comes in here, and it comes to this point here, and as you pull this down, water goes across here and it goes into your central heating, and then that is filling the central heating back up for you. All we do is we pull this down, and then as we’re pulling this down the pressure on the front will start to go up. We look on this gauge here, it’s on zero. Then we’ve still got the 118 fault code on there, so as we’re filling it up this will start to go. We want this just about one, just over one when the system is cold. Then we’ll see there the fault code on the boiler has gone off, so now you should have hot water and heating again.
One thing to make sure is with this is make sure you don’t put too much pressure in, because if you put too much pressure in it could be very difficult to get that back out again. Hope you enjoyed my video. Thanks for watching.
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