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Testing and reviewing the Baxi 600 Range. Baxi 624 630 636 We have had this boiler fitted a few months now and thought we would bring you an update.
Allen Hart reviewing the new baxi 600 combi boiler. the latest boiler for 2018 for baxi. this is the new cupboard fit boiler with stainless steel heat exchanger and brass internal componets, 7 year parts and labour warranty.
Today I’m going to do a review on the Baxi 600. So, you may have seen the first review that we did, so we did a review on this boiler when we first got this boiler. So, that’s the day we installed it. We did the review and we did it live, and we did that into the group Gas Chat, so people could ask questions and stuff. So, it wasn’t a full review. So, I wanted to do a video, take the cover off, and show you what we thought of it after we’ve actually fitted a few boilers.

So, we’ve now fitted quite a few of these. So, I’m going to give you a review on what I think of it. Yeah. So, for any of the gas engineers that are thinking of fitting one of these, what I will suggest to you is, as always, make sure you read the instructions first. With this boiler when you first get it, this boiler will not work. So you can’t just put it on a wall and it’ll work, it just doesn’t. So, you’ve got to do the deration when you first get this. So you put it onto there, and then you turn it twice. It’s in the instructions, page 48. So, you must do that, it won’t work if you don’t do that first.
Baxi 600 Baxi 636
So, deration to there, back, there, back. So you’ll need to do that when you get the boiler new, the boiler will not work unless you do that. So, the boiler is small and compact, so when we measure the boiler we’re looking at 390 285. So that will fit in a standard cupboard, so a standard cupboard’s about 300. So, cupboard fit boiler.

So, it’s a cupboard fit boiler, but the pipes can go at the back as well. So we’ve just got a couple of screws in the bottom of here, one on each side. Just undo them and then the case will lift off. Insulation on inside. So, one thing to point out, the clip here … so Baxi have seen our last video, and Baxi contacted me and told me that they were going to update this. So, within a few days of us doing our first video, Baxi were already changing this to make this better, so that it does actually clip up when it’s supposed to.

So, we when we look inside, the thing that we like to see, stainless steel heat exchange. Copper and brass parts in here. So, this flexible hose here, Baxi are changing this I believe, it’s going to be changed to copper now. So this hose here, so I believe Baxi are going to change that to copper. So we’ve got PRV, PRV upfront, very easy to get to. Love to see that, that’s really really good.

So, we’ve got Grundfos pump, so it’s a 1560. That’s a high efficiency pump, so that’s an ERP pump. So, we’ve got everything easy to work on, so diverter cartridge there, easy to work on.

So, if we just have a look in here and we just look at the connections in here, one thing I will say, that’s got a piece of metal in there, I don’t know if you can see there, and what that means and what that does, it means you can’t get the wires in very good. So you struggle to get two wires in there. I don’t like that, I’ve got to be honest. The Baxi dual-tech and platinum one is much better, it’s much better than that.

Expansion vessel, where you can get to it. Schrader valve on top. So, filling loop, that filling loop is a little bit like a Worcester’s filling loop. One thing to point out with that, so in my last video, I said that Baxi should send them out assembled, so they came where this weren’t together on this one. Since then, they’ve come complete, so that’s an improvement as well.

Gas test point on front, so that makes it easier. We’ve also got drain off up front there, which again will make it easier to work on in the future. So it’s very easy to commission is this. So, all you need to do is turn it to there, back, back, and there. And then if you turn the central heating, that goes to 100%, so you can do your high for your flue gas analyzer, and then if you turn it down, it’ll go to minimal and then you can do your low free flue gas analyzer as well. So, really easy to commission.

So, that’s it guys, that’s your Baxi 600. Cracking little boiler, cupboard fit boiler. I would recommend it definitely. I’ve fitted a few already, and I really like them, I think they’re a great boiler. Thanks for watching.

Allen Hart

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