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Baxi 600 combi boiler range full review including taking out all the internal components, Baxi 624 630 636 heat exchanger removal,
Today, we’re gonna do a review of the Baxi 600. This review is gonna be a little bit different than what most people will do. I’m gonna fully strip this down, gonna take every piece out the boiler, and we’re gonna look at all the different components and see how quick and easy it is to work on and service. So, hope you enjoy the video.
Please always ensure that you use a Gas Safe registered engineer when working on boilers. This video is not designed to be a training video. It’s just designed to show you what the components are inside the boiler. So, please always use a Gas Safe registered engineer.
So, I’ve got my Wera tool set. I’ve added a few extra bits into here. I’ve added a pair of grips, I’ve added an adjustable spanner, and a little cheap electrical screwdriver. I’m gonna see how much of it we can strip down with just these basic tools, and then if I need any other tools, I’ll get whatever I need. So, first of all, the boiler is working at the moment. It’s fully working, heating is on, so we’re gonna disconnect the power, disconnect the gas and the water, and we’re gonna drain the boiler down.
So, I’ve disconnected the power. We’ve taken out the two screws, I’ve undone the two screws, bottom. Case off, front panel, insulation. So, first of all, we’re gonna drain it down. So, we just got a standard BladeKey. The drain off part is here.
It’s almost drained down now, so I’m gonna turn the gas off, turn the water off. So, as I say, this boiler has been on, it’s been working. This is too hot to work with at the moment. That is really warm. So, we’re gonna start taking some other bits out that’s not as hot, and we’ll give that a chance to cool down a little bit.
So, first of all, we’re gonna take the side panel off just to make it easier to get into. We got a screw here, screw here, and that. That should just lift off now. So, you see there, that comes off nice and easy. It’s got a few lugs right back there that clips in, clips into them little slots there.
So, I think first job, we’ll take out the expansion vessel. So, we’ll disconnect the flow sensor. We’re just gonna remove the silencer. So, that just comes out nice and easy. So, we’ve got a couple of screws at back, and then we’ve got a connection at the top there. So, if we have a look at back of there, it’s got a little clip just to pull off. Then we’ve got a little nut on top of here. That’s your expansion vessel, nice and easy to get out.
Now we’re gonna remove the burner. It’s cooled down now enough for us to touch it. Just looking at that connection there, it’s plastic is that connection, so I think you’d have to be a bit careful with that connection. 10 mm. So, just one fixed pipe out there, there’s still a little there. Just be careful with that. To be honest, I’m struggling a bit to get it off cause you can’t get your fingers in. Well, got it off. It were a bit of a nightmare. If you have a look close, just there, see it’s a bit awkward to get into, to pull it off, to get your fingers in, especially my chunky fingers.
Now we’re gonna take the diverter head off. So, it’s just got a little clip underneath there. Head will just come off nice and easy. I’m gonna take the [come down strip out. Again, that comes out nice and easy. Now we’re gonna take out the main heat exchanger. Just undo this bottom pipe. Then you just got some little clips on here, some little clips here. Then this pipe here, just got a clip on there, and there’s a clip up here as well. That just clips out.
So, you just pull it forward a little bit, and it all drops down, nice and easy. If we’re gonna take the plate out, two screws. So, we’ve got plate out. Diverter cartridge, let’s see what that’s made of. It’s all brass. Looks like a quality cartridge, does that?
To remove gas valve, you’ve got a little screw there, and that just comes off. Then if you have a look under there, there’s some Allen keys. Just undo them, and that gas valve will just lift out. So, I’ll take off hall effects sensor. That’s there. We’re gonna have a look in, see what the flow turbine looks like on these.
Let’s have a look at your pressure switch. That’s surprising, that. That’s mucky. Bearing in mind, this has been put on a system with one radiator. There’s no soldered fittings on this. It’s all press fittings. So, if we needed to change PRV, we could just take the front off like so. If you wanted to take the full out, get it all out, just take that off. There’s little grips through there.
To fully take this pump out and the bRight then, guys, so what do we think? Lots of quality components in here. Very easy to strip down, very easy to work on. Very impressed, very impressed inlock here, you disconnect the return underneath and the cold. Then that just lifts out. To undo the left one, there’s one screw underneath. Take off your hot pipe

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