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My name’s Allen Hart, and today we’re working in Saltaire near Shipley. We’re taking out an old Suprima boiler, so this is an open-vent boiler, and it’s got a tank up above here. The customer’s been having quite a few problems with this boiler. They’ve been spending a lot of money on circuit boards and bits and bats. They want it replacing. Originally they wanted to go for a combi boiler, and in normal circumstances that would be the best option, but in this particular case we’ve got 15 mil gas and the gas meter’s quite far away, and we’re also in a flat above a shop, so we can’t update the gas, so we wouldn’t be able to fit a combi boiler, because we wouldn’t get us gas pressures. We’re going to fit another open-vent boiler in.
They’ve also had problems with it pumping over, so we’re going to combine the cold feed. We’re going to update it to an S plan. We’re going to fit a Nest thermostat. We’re also going to fit a Fernox TF1 to the system, and we’re going to flush the system out. If you like our videos, please subscribe. Also, give us a thumbs up, and if you’ve got any questions, please ask your questions below.
If we can see here, we’ve got a Y plan on here, and then we’ve got these vents, so we’re going to change all this, and I’m going to change it to an S plan. I’m also going to make it so the pipes continuously rise so that we don’t need them air vents like that. Just looks a right mess. Have a look there. We’ll just cut all this out. Make it nice and neat. Because we want to make sure this job is 100% perfect for the customer after we’ve gone and there’s no problems, we’ve cut all the existing stuff out, and what we’re going to do is we’re going to repipe all this, so the heart of the system, if you like, the Y plan, we’ve cut the Y plan out and we’re going to update it. We’re going to put an S plan in. We’re going to update wiring centre and we’re going to put a Nest thermostat in, so they’ll be able to control heating and hot water from their smart phone.
First of all we’re going to check instructions just to make sure nothing’s changed since the last time we installed one. We do instal quite a lot of Baxis, so I do know the MI quite well. We’ve got us template. Right. Work in progress here. We’ve got us flow coming up, like pump is there, and that pipe there, that is the combined cold feed and expansion, so what we’ve done is we’ve combined that together just over there, because the tank’s only there. We don’t have much head of water here, so I’ve combined them together and then we’ve got us pump and then obviously the bypass goes that way, and then we’ve got us S plan valves here. I’m just going to wire that up now.
We’re just wiring his Nest thermostat now. We’ve used a Salus wiring centre, because it’s quite big. You can get all the wires in. It’s all updated now to an S plan. We’ve used press fittings, because obviously we’re up in a loft. We do tend to use press fittings anyway, but it’s a lot more beneficial when you’re in a loft, because you wouldn’t want to have a blow lamp on up here. We’ve wired his Nest in, so that’s all up and running now and working. We’ve got us wiring centre there, all nice and neat. We’re just finishing off now. We’ve just got a few bits of tidying up to do. Now, we’ve finished installing a Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat onto an S plan with a Nest Learning Thermostat. Thanks for watching.
Installing a new baxi eco blue advanced heat only boiler and updating to an s plan system, new nest thermostat, combined cold feed becauseof low head working in saltaire near shipley bradford

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