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Showing you how to connect the TF1 omega filter to an Adey magnacleanse. best of both worlds. My name’s Allen Hart, and today we’re going to have a quick look at the Omega Filter, the Omega Adapter, and how you can flush the system using a Magnacleanse with the Fernox product. So, most companies are not going to promote cross branding products, but we use different products to achieve what we feel are the best results. So, we’ve got our Fernox filters, and we’ve got our Adey Magnacleanse. And that’s what we use on our heating systems.

Quick overview of what we do, and how we can do that. So, if you’re going to be installing the Fernox Omega Filter, then if you want to flush the system out and you want to do it easily, then you can use one of these adapters. So, you can buy this adapter from Plumb Centre, and various other places. So, it’s the TFI Omega Filter flushing adapter. So, that’s what you need to search for on Google.

And this adapter just connects on to your Omega Filter, which I’ll show you in a few minutes.

So, I’m going to show you how to do this with the valveless one first, and then I’m going to show you with the valved one, which I’ve got here. And the valved one, I’m just going to fit it on this wall here, and that’s just going to be a dry one really. But at least it’ll show you the way of doing it, and how you can flush with it.

So, I’ve just connected my washing machine hose on here, so I’m just going to drain it down now. So, now it’s drained down, all we need to do is to undo this nut on the back of the filter, and your filter will just lift off. And then if you get your adapter, so this one is pre-made up. I’ll show you at the end about these, because there’s different options for these, depending on what you want to connect onto.

So, then obviously that just pushes on there. So, just one thing to bear in mind, the centre of this is this one. Now, you might need to know that if you’re going to fit a Magnacleanse, because obviously the Magnacleanse has arrows going in and out. So you need to make sure you put it on the right way.

So that doesn’t need to be tight. This has got a double oil ring in there. So, as long as that’s on and you’ve got a few turns on there, then that’ll seal, no problem at all.

So we’ve got our Magnacleanse here, so we’re just going to open that up. So, as most of you will know, the Magnacleanse has got arrows on it, so you need to make sure that you put it the right way around.

So, on ours, the middle pipe, the middle connection is this pipe coming up here. So that’s the return on ours from the radiators. So, this bit is this bit, and that needs to connect to the arrow there.

So, I get the one with the drain off on, and that’s the one that I’ll connect into here. So, the reason I connect this on here is when we finish flushing the Magna tight, we still want to flush the water and the chemicals out of the system. So, what we can do is we can do a mains flush then, so we can open the filling loop on the boiler, we can isolate either one of these valves that are going to be on here, and we can open this valve here. And then we can flush through here, and we can get all the chemicals that we don’t want in, we can get out. And any bits of debris that’s still in the system, that’s not magnetic, so we can get it out through that.

And then we just connect it to the other one on here. So, I’ll show you the difference now with the valved version. So, instead of having to drain all the system down, all you’d need to do is just isolate the two valves. Obviously take the water out of there, open it on bottom. And then just connect your adapter on just like that.

So, you can see why some people might want to use the valved versions rather than ones without a valve. So, it just depends on which option that you want.

If you buy this adapter, that’s how you get it, like that. So, you could if you want just put normal connections onto this. So you can get connections, that just screw on there. And that’s really useful if you were just using this to do a mains flush. You could put mains into one side and you could flush out other side. Or, you could use filling up from the boiler, and you could flush out of one side, and you could maybe put a stop end on one side. So there’s loads of different options with that.

And then with this, to get these connections that you can connect to the Magnacleanse, then I got this from my Fernox rep. So, I got this from Chris Broadbent, amazing guy from Fernox. So, I’m not quite sure where you get these at the moment, I’m not sure if you can buy them online or not.

So these, these are the TF1 Omega Filter Flushing Accessory Kit.

So, as I say, at the moment I’m not sure where you can buy them. If anybody finds out, please add it in comments below, and then that might be useful for other people that are looking to buy one of them.

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