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Gas training, unsafe cookers, unsafe boilers and badly installed plumbing, blocked plumbing pipes, blocked with sludge etc, loads of stuff in this video. My name’s Allen Hart. Today, I’ve got some pictures and some videos from some subscribers, a big thank you to Elliot who sent these first pictures, videos in. Yeah, let’s have a look at these.

Once again, I’d like to thank Elliot for sharing these pictures with us of dangerous boilers and cookers, flues, and also some gas leaks as well. We’ll have a look at that shortly. This is a Baxi Potterton or main heat only boiler. If you can see there, it’s not been sealed correctly, the combustion door seal, and it looks like it’s melted the thermostat housing there. Then, if we have a look at this picture here, we can see how it’s corroded all the side of the boiler. If you could add some comments below, let me know what you think of this video, of these pictures.

If you’re a homeowner watching this video, please get your boiler serviced. It’s very, very important to have your boiler serviced. If you’re a gas engineer or if you’re a plumber or a trainee, please come and join us on our new group that we’ve got on Facebook, it’s called Plumbing and Gas Training. It’s for new starters into the industry just to help them out and just give a bit of support really, because I don’t feel that they get that much support. Let’s have a look at some more of these pictures.

This is a gas pipe and it’d been nailed with nailing clips to the wall in a cellar. The pipe was corroded. It’s leaking gas out of the pipe, or it was leaking gas out of the pipe. It just goes to show that you must use the appropriate clips for gas pipes, and that’d be the wraparound style clips, the Talon clips or something like that.

He’d gone to check the header tank with this one. As you can see there, the tank is growing so certainly the system needs flushing out and obviously all that tank needs cleaning. What did you think to that tank? Please add a comment below. I mean some of the things that we see in this job is just unreal. If you want to know more about backflow and things like that to do with water regs, there’s a guy on Twitter called Captain Backflow. He’s called Paul Daley, really good friend of mine. In fact, the first video I ever seen on YouTube to do with plumbing was his video. He was sort of like my hero then, many, many years ago that, but yeah, check him out. Let’s have a look at some more of these videos.

This is just an example of a really badly sludged up heating system. I’ve personally witnessed this lots and lots of times over the years. Even with new boilers, a lot of the time, the systems are not flushed correctly. You need to make sure that your system is clean, you’ve got some inhibitor in and your boilers will last longer if the system is installed correctly. Sludge is definitely really bad for a central heating system. You need to make sure that you flush the systems and you do a good job at flushing them. In my opinion, that’s the most important part of the job. The actual boiler you choose is less important. Flushing the system is more important.

If we just have a look at this boiler here, this is a Worcester Bosch Boiler and that’s your kebab style heat exchanger. If you look at that, it’s in a right mess. Now, I would suggest that that is probably down to how it’s been installed. The system has probably not been flushed out very well. I’ve only got this picture to go on so I can’t really tell, but most of them that I’ve been to… I’ve been to quite a few heats exchangers like that. Most of them I’ve been to, it’s been down to the person that’s installed the boiler and it’s not been flushed out very well. Let’s have a look at some more of these pictures.

This is just an example of bad workmanship really. Somebody soldered it and they’ve left all flux running down, it’s corroded the top of the boiler, no clips on it. It just looks a total mess.

This is a gas cooker and the engineer went out to do a landlord safety check. The customer had actually put a towel over the front of it so the engineer wouldn’t notice. Just always be careful and make sure that you check that appliances, any appliance really, but just check that they’re not damaged at all. Clearly, that’s smashed is that gas cooker.

Some bad plumbing now. The engineer that went out to this was called out to a water leak. If you can have a look, if you can see on there, it’s just got silicone sealant all over it. Whoever has installed this, they’ve just totally bodged it up. Obviously they didn’t have a clue what they were doing at all, so just a total bodge of a job. Obviously that was DIY. I mean that were really, really bad. Just take it apart and do it correctly or pay somebody to do the job correctly if you don’t know how to do it right. Yeah.

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