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Combi boiler installation with a low loss header. New combi boiler installation in Guiseley Leeds with low loss header. Plumber working in Leeds installing central heating and gas boilers. Central heating problems and solutions, and today I’m installing a new boiler in Guiseley, in Leeds. I’m going to take out this old Vokera Linea boiler. I’m going to instal a new Baxi Platinum Plus Combi boiler. I’m also going to instal a low loss header with this. What I’m going to do is, it’ll be a mixture in this video. So I’ll do a bit of time-lapse, and then I’ll talk about what we’ve done. And then do a bit more time lapse, and like that as we go along.

So the reason I’m installing a low loss header on this job, onto a combi, is it’s a combi boiler. There’s no more space for this boiler to go anywhere else so we wouldn’t be able to instal an unvented cylinder or anything like that. And it’s not needed because there’s only … I think there are two taps in here. It’s like in offices. But, there’s a lot of radiators, and this boiler struggles to get around all the system. It manages it, but just belt and braces. We’re going to put a low loss header in, which will allow us to put more flow through the system, and then we’ll be able to get the radiators so they’ll work a lot better than they did before.

We’re going to instal a Nest learning thermostat onto this as well, and then the customer can control that when they’re not here as well. So, yeah, let’s get on and I’ll put it on to time-lapse now, and then you can see us removing this boiler.

I’ve removed the old boiler now, and I’m going to instal this Baxi Platinum Plus. This is the new Platinum Plus. It’s a 40-kilowatt boiler. It comes with 10-year parts and labour warranty. I’m just going to put that up on this wall. As I said before, I’m going to put a low loss header underneath. It’s a little bit tight for space. There’s not a lot of space. I’ve only got this space here. The gas also needs updating on this, and gas meter’s miles away over there. So I’m going to update that into 28mm pipe, as well. Yeah. I’ll zoom in here, and I’ll show you what we’ve got at the moment.

If you look at these pipes, I’ve marked all these pipes. I’ve put stop ends on, just because you don’t want it to start gurgling, and water coming out of there. And also, that’s the gas, so I wanted to put a stop end on there. The gas is turned off at the metre. It’s 15mm down there, and it goes to 22mm there, but that’s not big enough for this job. I’ve marked the pipes, so I know that’s the flow, and then once I cut all this out, I’ve got a spare there. I’ve got to move some of these pipes here as well because they’re going to … All of these pipes that are going down here, these all need to be in that wall because they want that to be a flat wall.

So, yeah, we’ve got a lot to do. Oh, one thing … This wall here, don’t know if you can see, but it’s quite deep, is this wall. So the standard flue that we’ve got here … this standard flue, that’s not long enough. So, I’m just going to go get a fixed flue, standard fixed flue, and that’ll do for this. Right, let’s get on with it.

Right, so I’m just going to open this box for this Baxi. And when we have a look in there, we’ve got the manual, the installation instructions, and then we’ve also got a template. So, I’m going to put that template up on the wall here, and mark all this up, and we’re going to fit the boiler onto the wall.

So, we’ve got us back to the boiler. This is a real job, and in real jobs we’ve got to work with the space that we’ve got. So, ideally, we’d have a lot more space here. We’d be able to get in, but I’ve got the space that I’ve got. That says return, so that return goes back into the boiler. And on this side here, this is the flow. It’s on this side. And this flow is going into this low loss header, and then the return is in the low loss header here. So, what that can do, the boiler can pump around here, and continually pumps, or acts a bit like a bypass. But, also, then what we’ve got, we’ve got another pump that I’m going to put on. I’m going to put another pump under here, and this pump is a bigger pump than what’s inside the boiler.

And what that will allow is, that’ll allow more flow to go to the radiators. And how it works is, as this is pumping here … So it pumps into here, the pump here will drag a bit of this back here, so it allows more flow to go around the system. I did do a video on low loss headers. I’ll try and add it on the link below. And then what I’m going to do is, I’m going to pipe up from bottom here. I’m using MLCP pipe again. So that’s your plastic pipe. So this is your Blansol MLCP pipe. It’s got aluminium layer inside. So yeah, it’s going good so far. We’ve done the flue. I’ve done the flue up top. You can’t see there, but I’ll just show you. What I’ll do is, I’ll zoom in now and I’ll show you.

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