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HOW TO FREE A STICKING ERP CENTRAL HEATING PUMP – Noisy gas boiler pump. How to free a central heating circulator
How to free a sticking or stuck pump ERP central heating system pump , repair your heating pump combi boiler or system boiler.
Hello Gas chat just going to show you how to free a sticking Grundfos central heating pump on the new style erp pumps high efficiency .
so what you have their is a screw on inside there if you just turn that screw nothing happens but if you just push that screw in it will then turn and let you free the pump off. hope that helps guys, so just strip this pump apart and show you inside it so you might be able to see it better this something we needed to do a lot on the older boilers or on boilers that had been stood a while so just a tip on how to free them off for any off you guys that haven’t seen it.

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