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Step by step. Taking out an old biasi boiler and installing a new Baxi Platinum combi boiler that comes with 10 year parts and labour warranty Today, I’m working on Guiseley Leeds, taking out an old boiler. So this flow has been left a bit too long. On the outside it’s starting to corrode. So, we’re just going to unpack the boiler now, take out all the instructions, take the jig out, and put the jig up onto the wall. Take a look at the pipe work into this old boiler here. None of it’s clipped. It’s just been thrown in really, so what we’ll do is we’ll cut this out. We’ll cut this back. We’ll get some clips on it, and we’ll tidy all this up for the customer, so it’s all nice and neat. So this pipe work here looks a little bit of a mess, so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to tidy it up a bit. I’m going to cut some of it back. I haven’t really charged the customer to do this, but I just like stuff to look quite neat once I finish. So, that’s the step by step guide to the BAXI Platinum installation in Leeds. Always make sure you use a gas certified engineer. Thanks for watching.

Allen Hart

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