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Dangerous and badly installed gas combi boiler. Gas engineer. Plumber. So, I’ve been called out to a Baxi boiler. 2 YEAR OLD BAXI BOILER INSTALLATION So, it’s been capped off as being unsafe. This boiler’s about two years old. Apparently, it was installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer but I’m gonna have a look at all the paperwork. I’m gonna ring Gas Safe and just see what’s going on here. So, what I’ll do now is we’ll have a look and I’ll show you the faults with this and I’ll show you the reasons why it’s been capped off. And then from that, I’ll rectify some of the issues and then we’ll hopefully get it back up and running again. So, let’s have a look now and I’ll show you around the boiler.

So, this is a Baxi Duo-Tech boiler. In my opinion, this is one of the best boilers of all time. Really bulletproof boiler and it just does what it says on the tin. So, if we have a look … Have a look underneath at this first so we can just see it’s been capped off there and then if we have a look, the boiler is just … there. So the boiler was just plugged in. So there’s no spare on the boiler. And then if we have a look at everything else, it all looks like it’s all okay. And then if we go into this room here, so I’ll just put light on in here, see if I can see a bit better.

If we go into here, we can see the flue. It goes through. There. If we have a look, it’s got part of the flue missing. So it’s only got … I don’t even know what that is. We’ll take that off shortly and we’ll have a look at that. We’ll just have a look outside. And then we’ll look outside. We can see … I don’t even know what type of flue that is. But we’ll pull it out and then we’ll have a look.

So when we actually look inside this, it’s had some it’s actually that insulation board put in. Just to pop it up, just to sort of like hold it up. I’ll take this off now and then we’ll have a look a bit better.

So there’s no paperwork for this boiler as such, so there’s no benchmark. So normally you’d have a benchmark booklet, and that’d have all the readings in of the emissions and all the bits and for when it were installed. So there’s none of that here. There is some paperwork. There’s a gas safety certificate that’s dated March 2018, and there’s also something here to suggest that it was fitted on December 2016. I’m going to ring Gas Safe up and I’m just going to just double check about that.

But yeah, so let’s have a look at the boiler. I’ll take this flue off and yeah. Let’s go and have a look at it now. I’ll cut this flue out now. And we’ll have a look, see if we can see what type of flue it would be.

So we’ve obviously got an issue there with how the flue falls as well, because it’s got water in the flue. So we’ll have a look now. So I’ll just pull this flue out. That actually looks like … Looks like it is a flue.

So that on there, that’s just loose is it? I don’t know what type of flue that is. It’s obviously some sort of kit, it’ll be a multi plume kit. So when I’m looking at this, that looks like that is the normal flue. Because that’s got the weathering in there, so if it drips water from outside, it runs off. And it’s got the screws in there.

Another thing to point out with this is the PRV pipe is there, so I’m just wondering if the builder’s moved this. So I’ve just gone and got a new flue. It’s got that written there. And it’s got the screw points there, the screw holes. So I’m wondering if the builder has taken the end off, this end off here, and then just put some sort of plume kit up inside of there.

I’m going to take flue off top of boiler now, I’m going to totally renew this flue, just so that I know that it’s all correct.

This part of the flue, as you can see from there, it’s all cemented in. So this part’s been done, installed well. Now if you compare it to that bit, it seems very different. My belief is a builder has extended this and not the original gas engineer. But I’m still going to check with Gas Safe and we’ve still got no benchmark. The old customer could’ve taken that with them. Because this is somebody new now that lives in this property.

So this looks not too bad in here really. They’ve made an effort of sealing it with cement. So I’m just going to remove this elbow now. Just one thing I have noticed there, the flue actually falls away from the boiler, so it falls down to what would be outside, so that’s why it’s had water in the flue. So the flue should always fall back to the boiler. So that’s. So as I can see now, that’s just the standard telescopic flue, and this were all cemented in, really well, as I say, it’s took some getting out Baxi Boiler Installation. www.cchleeds.co.uk

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