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Dangerous boilers and gas leaks.
Today’s video I’m going to show you a gas leak that we’ve about to. I’ve got a couple of gas leaks actually. And also some dangerous boilers as well. So yeah, hope you’re all having a good day, I’m still smiling if Jez is still watching. So yeah, let’s go and have a look.

So I’ve just been called out to a gas leak today. So you can just see there, it’s dropping. If you have a gas leak, the first thing you need to do is phone the gas emergency service. Don’t phone a plumber, phone the gas emergency service on 0800-111-999. So if you can smell gas, then you need to get somebody out as soon as you can. On this particular job, the customer smelt gas, they phoned the gas emergency service out. They’ve come, they’ve cut the metre off, and now we’ve come to trace the leak. So, as I say, make sure you phone the gas emergency service.

So I’ve just been called out to a gas leak, you can just see that, that’s dropping. And then if you just see on this joint here, it’s just bubbling away. It’s a soldered joint, just looks like it’s cracked for some reason. Can see it’s going down on there.

As gas leaks go, this has been the easiest one ever to find, it’s right next to the gas metre. And as we can see, the joint has just cracked, the soldered joint has just cracked.

So, that was a fairly easy one to find, right next to the metre, very lucky to find that. All we did with that, we just cut the pipe work out and used press fit and put some new pipes in. So, we used press fit, we used the gas fittings for pres fit, and we just repaired it. The next job I’ve got to show you is … it’s absolutely unbelievable. The customer had been trying to keep their boiler alive, and what I want you to do is in the comments below, I want you to tell me which shopping bag had been used to keep this boiler alive. And then after that I’ve got one that really, really caught me out. We were doing a boiler instal and as we were doing a boiler instal, we got a big surprise. So, I’ll show you this as well, this were a bad’un or a good’un or whatever you want to call it. So yeah, let’s have a look at this one where the customer’s been trying to keep it alive first.

This boiler is a Vokera, and it’s a Vokera Linear. And the customer had another two boilers on the floor, and this boiler was leaking so bad that it had a shopping bag over the circuit board as you can see there. So, please put a comment below, tell me what shopping bag that is. But this was absolutely amazing, the boiler was still fully working, it was in a garage. It was away from the house. But it just shocking, absolutely shocking.

I’m sure you will agree, that was absolutely shocking. The customer had kept that alive for a few years. He’d bought bits of Ebay, he’s bought old boilers and he’d just maintained it. So, yeah, shocking instal, shocking job. I mean those Vokera’s, they’re absolutely bulletproof boilers those Linear’s, those old Linear’s. Yeah, it’s lasted a long time.

Next one that I’ve got, I’m going to show you one that caught us out shortly, but I’m just going to show you another one that I did where customer had … it’s an old Ideal Concorde I think it is, and it’s 40, 45 years old. And again, the customer had tried to keep this one alive as well. Yeah, let’s go and have a look at this one.

I’ve no idea how customers allow their boilers to get into such a state. This is an Ideal Concorde WRS, and it’s about 40, 45 years old. That’s a wood panel behind there, and that’s directly below the burner, and the burner’s leaking. You see the seel here, they’re actually put duct tape over it and the boiler internally was also leaking, so leaking water out of this as well. Loads of leaves in it, there’s actually a dead bird in the back of that, it’s a bit hard to see. Just got an electrician making it safe, and then we’re taking the boiler out now.

So, this is a boiler instal that we went to, absolutely shocking. You can see there, I mean it’s absolutely lethal. Lethal. It’s unbelievable how a boiler can get into such a state. I mean this is a really old job, you can see the bird’s egg in there. This is a really old job, this is one that we did quite a lot of years ago, but even so, how they get into this mess is just unbelievable.

We installed a new boiler into this system, flushed the system out as good as we possibly could, and we put a stand off bracket on there. And then we’ve put a Ideal Vogue

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