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Dangerous Boiler, Leaking Boilers, Badly installed heating, Day in the life of a Plumber, Gas Engineer. Just a few of the gas boilers we have been called out too over the last year or so. Gas Cowboys, Immediately Dangerous At risk or Not to current standards.
today I thought I’d put some pictures together of jobs that I’ve been to in the past. Now what I’d like you to do is, I’d like you to give me some feedback and with the different pictures that I’ve put on. If you are a gas engineer if you tell me what you would do, if you’d of been to these jobs and maybe how you would class ’em as well. And then what I’ll do is, if people are interested, I’ll do a followup video and I’ll tell you what I did on these jobs and which ones got new boilers and which ones got repaired et cetera. So I’ll show you some of these pictures now.
Gas central heating boiler.
So the Morrison’s bag had been put over the board by the customer because it had been leaking and the boiler was leaking. It was sprayin’ water all over. So we had to protect the boiler to protect the board.

So this boiler, or just a boiler service, I’ve just been called up to do a boiler service. It’s the first time I’ve been to this boiler.

So this one, this is a Vokera, and I’ve been called out to no hot water, no heating. So the boiler’s not working.

So this next one, I just wanted to see if you know what this is and what this was for.

So this next one is an Ideal Concord WRS, so I was called out to this because the boiler wasn’t working, so I’ll show you this one now.

So this next boiler was called out to a water leak. So it was dripping a little bit underneath the boiler. So I’ll show you this one now.

So this Glow Worm gas boiler was no hot water. So that was the call out for it, but when I got there, there was no way of getting the case off. They’d boxed it all in, and just for fun, have a look at the reflection in the microwave.

This next one is just a water leak that went out. I just thought I’d throw this in to the mix.

So I went to replace a boiler, and this is what we found behind the boiler. Obviously if you have a look at the flow, it’s all foamed in as well.

We installed a new combination boiler on this job an when we run the tap, this is the colour of the water from the hot water.

This is just another one where bricks were missing behind the boiler and they’d actually put polystyrene in instead of the bricks.

So we’re called out to not heating and no hot water on this job and this system was absolutely horrendous. Have a look at this pump.

On this we were doing a new boiler on this job, and when I took the boxing off to repair the pipes below, we found a hole in the gas pipe, so the nail from the boxing had been going into the gas pipe for all the years. So kitchen had been in for 10 15 years and this is what was like. I’ll just show you now.

So they’re just a few of the pictures from some of the jobs that we’ve been to, we’d been called out to. If you find them interesting, please give ’em a thumbs up. And yeah, if you’ve got any comments, please add ’em in the comments below. I’d be real interested to hear people’s feedback on some of the pictures.

Thanks for watching.

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