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Combination ‘combi’ boilers 

Combi boilers are the most common of the different boiler types installed in the UK as they are the most practical and compact. Unlike others, they do not require water tanks or cylinders and operate from one unit. They heat the water directly from the mains water supply as and when it is needed, meaning you needn’t wait for a water tank to heat up. This also means that no hot water or energy is wasted, as you only heat up what you need.

The boiler unit is so compact that it is typically installed in a kitchen cupboard, making combi boilers ideal for homes with limited space. They are best suited for homes with only one bathroom as using more than one appliance will create a decline in water pressure. As well as this, there is not a backup source of hot water if your boiler breaks down, making it less reliable than other boilers. Combi boilers are also not compatible with solar thermal panels.

Roy Fugler from Viva Training Academy shows us how a combi boiler works.
Full boiler strip down and identify how each component work.
How a thermistor works.

Potterton , Baxi, Main are all the same or similar boilers.
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