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AccuBoost Accumulator. How to boost the cold water pressure and flow. How to boost your hot water. Using an AccuBoost Accumulator to boost the cold water mains pressure.
How to boost low water pressure and flow. My name’s Allen Hart and I did a video recently about poor water flow. And there are a lot of questions on, we could only do, we did 12 litres a minute or up to 12 litres a minute. But a lot of questions were asked about if they wanted more than 12 litres a minute. So what I’ve got today, we’ve got a video to show you how you can have more than 12 litres a minute. I’ve got Matt here from Salamander Pumps and we’re doing a TradeHelp instal today. And we’re going to show you one of their accumulators, so over to you Matt.

Alright thanks Allen. Yeah, it’s a TradeHelp customer’s property we’re at today. The customer is suffering from low water flow and low water pressure, currently getting around eight litres a minute. It’s a big property, it’s got a bathroom and three ensuites. So it is a major problem, he’s getting pressure of about one and a half bar.

So, we’re going to fit a Salamander Pumps AccuBoost. I’m going to fit the large issue that we do, with it being a larger property. We’re going to fit the 450 vessel. It’s a pumped vessel, there is a pumped and unpumped vessel that we do. With the pressure being low, we’re going to go for the pumped vessel. We’ll be fitting externally and we’ll show you that later on in the video. But first I’d just like to show you, the poor pressure … Or flow rate rather, that we’re getting at the moment.

So checking it here as you see, we’re getting eight litres a minute. I checked it at a number of outlets and it’s eight litres all the way through. We’re also in the middle of the day, we’re not even at peak time. So, this flow rate is going to be even worse at breakfast time and evening meal time. It really is a major problem, the showers are working very poorly.

This is the tank that we’ll be installing today. This is 450 litre AccuBoost, they come unpumped and pumped as I mentioned earlier. This one is going to be a pumped version. It will be supplied with this pump, and the hoses required, to fit it. Because it’s been fitted externally, we’ve made a purpose built housing for the AccuBoost to be installed into.

This is the purpose built housing that we’ve created for the AccuBoost, to be installed into. It’s got a purpose made base as well, for it to stand onto to keep it flat. We’ve got the cold water supply from the main to the housing, and we’ve also provided electricity. Once it’s installed we’ll be protecting it from frost, with it being fitted externally.

So, the accumulator has been installed now. And it’s the AccuBoost accumulator from Salamander Pumps. What I’ll do now, I’ll just show you instal a little bit. And then we’ll go inside and then we’ll show you the improvements of it. So this stores cold water, in this accumulator. It’s got an airbag in here, and sometimes you might have to charge it up above there, it’s a little bit awkward to see on this. Then what you’ve got there, you’ve got a pump. Because the mains pressure on this is quite low, we’ve got a pump and that pump, pumps the pressure up. So that’ll give us more pressure in the house. Before we only had about one bar of pressure, and that just connects in from mains. You are just teeing in from mains.

What I’ll do now, we’ll go in the house and we’ll show you the improvement.

So, the AccuBoost is fitted now, and it’s filled up. And it’s obviously should be increasing the flow rate and pressure. Let’s check, this tap has got a restrictor on it so … And up there to 15 litres a minute, giving double what it was before. Earlier it was eight over a minute, now it’s 15

I’m just going to turn the shower on now, so before it was trickling out of here, but you see now the difference … It’s a lot different than before, but what I’ll do as well. I’m just going to turn this tap on, so it’s coming out of the tap and it’s coming out of the shower. So, this is a massive improvement. And I’m just going to go into one of the other rooms and I’m going to turn another shower on as well.

We’ve got the shower and the sink on now in the other room. Now, I’m going to turn this one on as well. So, we can see now the difference, we’ve actually got three taps running at the same time now. So, the difference now is absolutely … Well it’s absolutely amazing. Just turn that back off.

So you’ve now seen the performance, and the increased performance of the showers and taps, in the property. This is our largest model that we fitted here, the 450, it’s a pumped version. And it’s 450, this will deliver 36 litres a minute for nine minutes. I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty impressive. We do a full range of accumulators in the AccuBoost range. We do them running from 60 litres, smallest one that’ll fit under a base unit, little pumped unit, up to 450 pumps. This one the largest that we do.

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