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HOW TO BUILD A MAN CAVE .Garden Office. Garden shed. I’ve finished most of it now and I thought I would show you what I’ve done. Show you the final of it. And also go through some of the things I feel that I could have done better and answer some questions as well to a lot of people asked lots of questions and how much it cost and all that type of stuff. So I’ll try to run through all of that stuff as well.

So yeah, let’s go and have a look now. So that’s this side and it’s got the trim on top. One thing to point out somebody mentioned that I put these planks on the wrong way around. So just to show you these planks here. So this is one of the mistakes that I made. So I done my planks so that’s the top bit and then I’ve gone over them like that to make them.

Then, what I should have done is, I should have done them that way so that part is the drip of it and then they overlap like that. And I have done that on the side so I’ll show you that. And one thing that I’ll just point out here, the floor I’ve got trench all the way around just to hopefully help with any water coming out. If I’m honest with you, I’m quite impressed with this side. I think it looks all right.

But yeah, let’s go around to the other side and we’ll have a look at that. We’ll look at this side. I’ve done the panel, again, flat on here. I’m going to put some outside taps here. And I’ve got an electrical socket so I can plug the pressure washer in if I want to wash the van or wash the car.

We’ll have a look at these trims. This cladding, you can see there that I did it wrong. On the other side and it does look bad I think really. And then trim, got all trim around top. I have got a corner piece for this, I might put on there. I haven’t really decided about that yet. As for the costings of this, the slip panels these were 150 pounds each and I got 8 of them so I think that’s, what’s that 1200. The roof cost me about 800 so we’ll go up and have a look at that roof now actually. Just climb up and have a look.

I don’t think I did a bad job on the roof if I’m honest. The bit that I’ve done I think it’s as good if not better than what the roofer did. So yeah. I should have just done it all myself to be honest. But it looks good. I’m really impressed with it, about how it looks all right now. It’s rather neat. There’s a joint there as well. Can’t really see the joint but yeah. Let’s go down and we’ll have a look inside.

The cladding that I’ve used is this, I think it’s called feather edge. It was more or less the cheapest that you could buy for the coverage that I needed. That ran about, I think it was about 280 or 300 pound for cladding. So what we’re on there, we’re about probably about 2,300 so far and yeah. So we’re going to look inside now.

I’m not entirely finished in here yet but I have got quite a big space. I’ve put wall up there. That’s some of these SIP panels left. One of the other issues, something I should have done differently is this board here. I should have put some air, raised it up some so the [slip 00:04:41] didn’t touch the concrete floor. So that’s one of the mistakes I made. You could put some timber on them. I’ve seen where they put timber around that just to higher it up a little bit. I know somebody else suggested to put a cast or a row of bricks all the way around so that’s just something else.

So yeah, so that’s [inaudible 00:05:05]. Got some [inaudible 00:05:07] got me into that. In here, and back of here just got… It’s a bit dark. Just put a light on. Just got a bit of a star area for now. Just so I can put pipes and stuff behind on this. Just turn that back off. I’ve started to put a few shelves in over there. Yeah, I’ll just have a look. I’ll look on them questions and I’ll just see what questions people’s asked. And I’ll try to answer as many questions as I can.

I’m going to put underfloor heating in here. I think that might be on my next video. I’m not sure. We’ll see. Just have to see how much money I’ve got left. So yeah, let’s have a look at some of these questions.

One of the questions is, what about the neighbours looking at that eyesore? I actually think it looks all right. We’ll go and have a quick look now outside. We’ll go for a drive and see what our neighbours can see and see what you think. But yeah, let’s go look.

So that’s what the neighbours can see. They can’t really see that much really. Let’s go and have a look from outside the street. From the street you can’t even hardly see it. Can’t notice it. It just blends in.

I’ll just try and answer a few more of the questions. Next one, I’ve never used SIPS before. I’m sure there will come a time, blah, blah, blah. There’s not really a question in that. Frank [Quely

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