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DIY guide to repair your Ideal Vogue Combi Boiler Low water pressure or boiler not working How to repressurize, or top up, or fill up, your Ideal Vogue. So you might get this display, Low Water Pressure. You’ll see the gauge to the right hand side is down to zero. So we need to put water in this and raise that back to just over 1 bar.

So first of all, turn the boiler off. Two controls there, we can see. So the boiler is off.

So what we’ve got here, underneath the boiler here, we’ve got two valves, there’s blue and black valves. And this is how we fill it.

So first of all, we can turn this blue tap on, so we can fill it up on this one. And then, what we’re gonna do then, is we’re gonna slowly open this black one. And as we’re doing this, we need to watch and look on the front display to make sure that we don’t put too much pressure in. So we only want this to go up to about one bar, or just over one bar.

So we’ve now got that to one bar, or just over one. So we can now turn the boiler back on. And then we’ll just check underneath, just to make sure we’ve put the valves back. So we want the valves back like that. So they just face straight across. And that’s it. That’s your Ideal Vogue, how to repressurize it.

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