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Taking out a Vokera Linea Max and fitting an amazing Viessmann 222 -F in Keighley West Yorkshire Viessmann installers in Bradford and Leeds My name’s Allen Hart and today, I’m working with Mike Mackie in Keighley, in West Yorkshire. Taking out an old Vokera Linea Max.
We’re replacing it with a Viessman 222. Just getting on wheels here, just getting into place. These boilers are quite a larger boiler. They are an amazing boiler, they give amazing performance, they do need shape of the room is when in property. The cylinder and the boiler elbow into one.
Wiring the outdoor sensor into the boiler now. This boiler’s got advanced weather compensation. Performance from this boiler is absolutely amazing. See there how fast it’s coming out of the hot tap. It will fill a bath in no time at all. Not even able to have the sink on full it’s coming out so fast. For multiple showers, and multiple bathrooms, this boiler is absolutely amazing. Really, really is amazing.
Now I’ve flushed all the heating out and we’ve installed an amazing Fernox filter.
Thank you for taking the time to watch our Viessman 222 installation.

Allen Hart

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