#Boiler #Plumber #Viessmann VIESSMANN VITODENS 100 BOILER INSTALLATION LEEDS https://www.cchleeds.co.uk/services/boiler-installation new boiler installation in Leeds, taking out an old Ideal Isar that’s leaking and we’re going to instal a new Viessmann boiler. We’re taking out this old Ideal Isar. I’ll just show you this.
Viessmann vitodens 100 combi boiler installation in Leeds.
If you could just comment below and tell me what you think of this boiler installation and also the filter. And if you think that this filter would be doing a good job for this heating system.

I don’t actually know what the fault is on this boiler, but if have a look at how its installed. Look at our filter. Filter’s not on the right way around. So it never, never going to work. If we have a look at all scotch marks and staff before we start. So, we know that’s got not to do with what we’re doing. So we’re going to remove this boiler. We’ve got vertical flow, and then we’re going put a new Viessmann 100 boiler in here.

So, customer’s just informed me that the boiler had been leaking. And I think the leaker it took the board out as well because when I’ve tried to put the power onto the boiler, it won’t work. I was going to try and see if I could heat the system up and then flush the system before we put a new boiler in. But unfortunately that’s not going to happen on this. But, let’s go downstairs. We’re going to have a look. See what Danny’s doing. Oh.

So, just got Danny in here putting a test on gas before we start. Is it all right Danny? We started yet?

Not yet, just need to turn it off.

So, Danny’s just the apprentice but I’m teaching him or I’m trying to get him experienced in doing everything correctly. So, a full four minute test, doing his let by. Doing our stabilisation and then doing the two minute tests. So, you’ve got four minute test. Also, we’re doing it with the Ken analyzer and printing out as well so that we’ve got proof that it’s all sound. Yeah. Let’s go and have a look.

Just got Danny now taking front cover off. We’ve checked all is safe electrically. We’ve isolated the electrics. We’ve turned the cold water mains off. We’ve tested the gas and now we’re going to remove the boiler.

Still smiling jazz. This is a combi swap. A lot of people would do this just in one day and then they’d just flush it out. We’re doing this over two days and we’re doing a full power flush spending a lot of time flushing this system. So, yeah, I let a bit of the power flushing into this video as well. We’re also going to instal a nest on this as well. Yeah, let’s go and have a look. We’re installing the Viessmann Vitodenz 100, 35 kilowatt on this job.

He’s struggling, going to delay?

Just a bit. It’s a bit tight.

Just getting the nuts out on the bottom of the boiler now and then we’re going to lift the boiler off. We’ve took burner out in front just to make it a bit lighter for lifting out. We’ve also taken the flow out as well.

Got the bolier off the wall. We’re just taking the J off now and then we’re going to put the new boiler on.

Danny lifting boiler on now. Little heavy that Danny?

A little bit.

Just piping this up now, putting some Ts in here. It’s a little bad to see. Should put torch on. I’m just putting some Ts in there and I’m going to do a power flush on this system on this job. And what I’ll do is I’ll isolate the boiler so that we’re not putting any muck and sludge through the new boiler. But I can connect the power flush machine onto these connections. Somebody’s had some fun. If I blow I’m setting everyone on fire in here. We’re just going to press that so none of this mess will be anything to do with us.

just on a main’s flush on this before we power the boiler up to get as much muck out as we can. Normally, we try and do this with the old boiler in place, but the old boiler wasn’t working. So, what I’m doing now is I’m putting some heat into the system and then I’ve got some speed fitting here and some valves and I’ve made some temporary connections and then I’m going to do a power flush on this. So, we’ve got some chemicals I’m going to put in. I’ve managed to put a filter there, which is a bit tight but at least it’s in and you can get to it. And then we’ll just need to sort this wiring out as well. We’ve going to instal a nest thermostat on this.

So I’ve got the power flush machine in here, which is the nonstrom pro flush. And it’s got built in magnets on this one. I’ll just check them before I start, just clear them off. They got a bit of muck on from last job. And then I’m going to put some X800 in this. Supposing it’s got a new formula. Best ever performance. Cleans system in one hour.

Just a little tip with the X800 or any chemical cleaner really. Just make sure that you get all that cleaner out afterwards because it can cause issues with O rings and bits or just stuff in boilers and in system. So, just make sure that you take a lot time afterwards to flush that out.

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