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#Plumber #LeakingBoiler Leaking Worcester Bosch and new Combi boiler. Today I’m taking out an old Worcester Bosch Boiler. it’s not even the old actually, it’s about, probably about seven, eight, eight years old. Something like that. It’s had quite a few leaks and the customer’s just fed up with it. So they decided they wanted to change it. And It had a leak, well it’s leaked on the right-hand side, it’s leaked on the left-hand side. It’s now leaked on the right-hand side again but in a different place. which is the back part of the plastic, the back block, so that needs to be replaced, and customer’s just fed up with it, to be honest.
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So they want to change it and put something in that’s going to be a little bit more reliable for them. It’s not only the fault of the boiler to be honest, the instals not that great. I’m also going to. I’m going to put a new Baxi Platinum in here. So the Baxi Platinum, as a lot of people will probably know, is one of my favourite boilers of all time. I don’t really have any issues with them, so fit them and forget really. Do a good job, flush them all out to start with.
Leaking Worcester Bosch Boiler.
I’m also going to instal Condensate Pro on this job, so I don’t know if anybody’s seen the video I did recently with the Condensate Pro, so I’m going to do that as well. And I’m also going to show you a job I started to record the other day but it turned into an absolute nightmare of a job, and I didn’t have enough time to finish doing the recording, so I’ll show you that job as well. I’ll show you part of that job. We also put one of the Condensate Pros on that as well. So yeah, let’s go and have a look.
So we’ve got this Worcester Bosch boiler, customer’s fed up with it. It keeps leaking. To be fair they’ve had a few people come to it that maybe haven’t done the best job as well, and we’re going to update this condensate pipe as well. Also, there’s no control on this. There’s no thermostat. So we’re going to update that as well, put a thermostat on. This has been repaired, this has been repaired before as this Worcester, and this clip here, so they’ve done something with the flow turbine adaptor in here, but they haven’t put clip currently, so that’s been repaired before. This side in the pan aswell, this side’s leaked. That’s been repaired. But now it’s leaking just at the back here, don’t know if you can see, it’s a bit awkward to see

It’s also got problem with the expansion vessel on this. So that would mean the fila needs to come off the wall to change it.

Always made sure if you’re going to work on boilers, you must be gas safe, registered or competent to do so. Just a little tip on these bars. If you’ve got sick, bought enough wall to do expunction vessel. This path flow in here, which we’ll do the screws off, and that will go down and the actual flow elbow comes off. It comes off really easy and I’m like, so you don’t need to start chopping flow out to take the boiler off the wall. It’s not that bad really, but you still, you shouldn’t have to sit by the wall to change expansion vessels. That’s my opinion anyway.

We have a lot expansion vessel. He’s on the back in the schrader valve. This schrader valve is just there.

That’s the connection for the expansion vessel there. Just pull this out and then pull that up. You can see there. Well it’s coming out of there and that’s because the expansion vessel also is full of water. Just needs changing.

So we’ve lifted boiler off now, as you can see expansion vessel. We’ve still got water coming out of it. But that’s what you’d need to do. Take the boiler off the wall like this, and then you can change the expansion vessel. Once you change the expansion vessel. And then you’d have to put the vinyl back on the wall again. So in my opinion, not a very good design, just my opinion.

If we have a look here, that’s the common set pipe there. So that’s in 21 and a half. So when they took that and it goes down to a drain there. So we’ll look at that when they come and set pro.
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Just putting the jig on the wall for the Baxi. For the Baxi Platinum, slow little hollow. So what I do is I level that screwing in the middle and then I’ll level that bracket up top, and I’ll do one side level it up and then do the other side, and I put screws in here. A lot of people said not to put screws in because this isn’t too stiff to get the Boiler on. But what I do then is I just buck the notes off I’ll buck of here. I like to put as many screws in as I can to be honest.

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