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In my day in the life as a plumber video, I were installing some pipework, and there was a lot of questions on the pipework. In the UK, we call MLCP, so it’s a multi-layer pipe, and it’s this pipe here.

I’m going to do some connections with that, show you how to connect it, show you the fittings, and yeah, just generally have a run through it, really.

One thing I will say, if you’re a plumber, and you’re shaking your head, and thinking oh no, I don’t like this stuff. Well, many years ago, probably about eight, or nine years ago, I went to a job, and it had this stuff installed. I didn’t know what it were, to be honest.

As the years have gone by, more, and more systems now, are done with this pipe, so it’s something that you need to really, really get your head round.

Pex piping, the MLCP pex piping is the way forward really, because a lot of time now, hot works is not allowed. In new building, in commercial settings, underfloor heating as well, is normally MLCP pex pipe as well, so it’s something that you need to know about. At very least, you need to be aware of it, and how you can use it, and connect onto it if you need to.

I’ve got various fittings here, so we’ll have a little run through these now, and then I’ll show you the press gun. I’ll also show you the copper press gun as well. Obviously, most of my jobs now, I don’t do soldering anymore. I don’t want to put any muck, flux, solder et cetera in the pipes, so I use press fit. I’ll show you that as well, but I’ll show you that at the end of the video.

This is more to do with the pex piping, This system that I’ve got here is, the pex pipe, which is … I don’t know if I’ve got a little bit of a … That’s, if you can see … I don’t know if it’ll show you it right way round, or not, but it’s pex pipe, and you can buy this from James Hargreaves. I know that you can get it from there, so that’s where I’ve got some of this stuff from.

Yeah, let’s have a look at the fittings now. If we have a look at the fittings, that’s how you would get the fitting, and it had a stainless steel cover on there, so that’s your stainless steel cover that goes over top there. On the inside of it, it would look like that.

These fittings the Russ approved, the pipe, the pex piping is also Russ approved. You can use this on secondary hot water systems as well. Obviously, you’re not able to do that with normal plastic pipe. That’s what the pipe looks like.

I’ll just show you the rest of the fittings are first. You do have the fittings that you crimp on, and obviously you have Ts, and reducing Ts, and normal reducers, and elbows, et cetera, sockets, as you do with all different types of plumbing systems.

There’s also one of these, it’s like a compression fitting, and these are like a kit. If you haven’t got a press gun, and you’ve got a leak, you can use there, so you can obviously … You can push it in. That comes out of there. You push your pipe into that, clean your pipe up, push your pipe into there, and then you connect that in there, and then that’ll tighten in as normal with an

Let’s just have a quick look at the pipe now. This pipe here, I’ve actually really gone to this … I’ve cut it up, and got it. You’ve got your pipe, and then you’ve got an aluminium layer in this pipe. I don’t know if you can see it, and then you’ve got your pipe again, so this is a five layer pipe, so it’s really strong.

I’ll just show you some of the pipe now. I’ll show you how you can bend it, and stuff. You can buy this pipes in rolls, or in lengths. You can buy it in 2.5 metre lengths if you wanted to. You can also buy it in rolls, 50 metres, and 100 metres, I believe.

This pipe is 16mm, you can also get it in 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm. If you want to bend it, you can just bend it, and you just bend it to whatever you want. It just stays where you want. You’re probably not going to need that many bends, or that many fittings really, and obviously you can just put it on wherever you want, straighten the pipe up however you want as well.

What I’ll do now is, we’ll do some crimping onto it, so we’ll press some fittings onto this. To put a fitting, or to instal a fitting onto this pipe, first of all, we need a clean edge. We would want to cut that with some pipe cutters. I’ve got some poly pipe cutters. They’re just my old ones.
Pex pipe
You can also buy some ratchet style ones. They may be better. There’s lots of brands of cutters. I’ve no association with any brand at all. The ratchet ones are probably better, as the … Try, and have a sharp blade, if you can, but as they do wear a little bit, obviously the ratchet ones will still cut through. Pex pipe fittings.

With this, what you want to do, if you’ve got this type, just cut it, maybe twist it a little bit as you’re doing it. Then, what you do is, you just get a nice flat edge.


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