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Rems Mini Press v Milwaukee v Geberit Review Which press gun is best. Pressfitting.
Mike Mackie doing a review on press fitting and press fitting guns.

Okay, thanks Allen. This is the REMS mini-press. This is actually my gun, it’s coming up to a year old now. These are Allen’s guns. These are actually both manufactured by Novopress. One’s branded Milwaukee, one’s branded Geberit, but essentially it’s the same gun. I’m gonna start off with the REMS, I’ll talk you through the REMS, and I’ll compare it to the Novopress.

So it’s probably one of the smallest guns you can get on the market. It’s a very good gun. Believe it or not it’s not actually my preference, I do prefer the Novopress. If you look at the jaws side by side, these are both 15 mil, you’ll see that there’s not much in it but you will see that the REMS is actually slightly smaller, the actual jaws. I’ve used both guns on quite a few instals with Allen now and I’ve never not been able to use the Novopress, and this has never gotten anywhere where this hasn’t got. So size wise they’re both fantastic for domestic instals.

One thing about the REMS is that we can get these M10 stud cutters, which is great. Basically this will cut M10 rod for [inaudible 00:01:14]. You can probably see in there, it’s threaded, it’s got M10 on there. Much quicker than a hacksaw. Fantastic for certainly some of the commercial users, or a lot of the lads now that are using the unistrut on some of the instals.

We’ve also got the 45 degree jaws, that everybody usually wants to ask me about. Now, it consists of two parts, the 45 degree jaws. This is a one size fits all. It’s a Z1 adapter, goes on the gun. And then we’ve got slings of various different sizes. I’ve got a 15, a 22. I haven’t got a 28 to show you, it’s in the box. But essentially just cut straight into the jaw like that, and then you can press it at 45 degrees. It is a little bit different, so whereas normally you’ll probably squeeze it onto the fitting and then pull the trigger and it would press it. This one, actually you need to feed it in around the pipe. As I say, around the pipe like that, around my finger, I’m not gonna press this obviously. Stick it into the jaws and then press it like that.

Little talk about fittings. We’ve only got a couple of fittings here. We’ve got an express fitting. A couple of gas fittings here. So obviously I’ll talk about the different types first. You look at the different O rings in there. Obviously this is 15 mil being smaller. That 15 mil pipe there is a water fitting. The 22 mil pipe there is a gas fitting, it says gas on there. This is a Geberit fitting. This is a Yorkshire Express fitting. Allen prefers this fitting over this fitting for a couple of reasons. One, it’s got a cap in it, stops dust getting in it. And secondly, it’s got this bit of plastic. So sometimes when you press with the guns, the guns can stick to the fittings. Allen likes the Geberit ones because they’ll never stick to this fitting as long as that bit of plastic’s there. I don’t think it’s a massive issue, because you can just put something called dry slide on your jaws, and it stops them from sticking.

I’ll go back to the guns now and show you how they press, and obviously explain again why I prefer the Novopress over the mini press.

So we’re gonna press 22 mil gas pipe, that’s a 22 mm pipe. So technically what you’re supposed to do is you’ve got a depth marker, which you’re supposed to line up. Make a little mark, push the fitting on like that, and then press it. So I’ll use the Novopress first. So things that I like about the Novopress is you don’t actually have to hold the button down for it to fully press. So if it’s in a tight spot and it’s a bit awkward, you just need to hold it for a couple of seconds and then you can let go.

So that’s it, that’s the cycle done. As you can see on there, you just take the little bit of Geberit mic off there, the little bit of plastic. And the REMS mini-press, it’s a little bit more noisy, maybe not as smooth. This is a Yorkshire fitting.

Noisier, not as smooth, gotta hold the trigger down for it to press. It’s something and nothing. They’re both really good guns. This has got a few little advantages over this. This you can use on loads of different jaws, you can get the TH1s, which are good for Henco Mlcp, [inaudible 00:04:36] Mlcp, u profile, which are good for Uponor and Unipipe. These are all M jaws at the moment, M profile jaws, which are good for obviously Geberit, Yorkshire Express, which we’ve both shown you here. M Press, and yeah, I love it.

As Geberit would say, don’t stress, press. And if you want my opinion, I bought this gun, I bought this gun and I spent my own money on this. If I could go back in time and swap this gun, maybe purchase a different one, it probably wouldn’t be a REMS mini-press if I’m honest, it probably would be the Novopress, just for the few little advantages that I’ve explained. But yeah, there you go. Thank you.

Allen Hart

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