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Quick Core Bit Replacement Tool Review. Quikcore drill adaptor.
The patent protected quikcore release system provides consistent results quickly! Our easy to use design requires no spanner’s or excessive force compared to current techniques. We have taken away the frustration from components locking up and binding, leading to damage. The improved work flow efficiency makes this an essential drilling tool within your toolbox armoury!
Story behind the brand
Stitch drilling and bolstering out holes has been widely adopted for centuries but this was not quick nor accurate and now deemed upon as prehistoric methodology.

In the late 19th century there was a technological step change and the diamond tipped hole cutting was born, which has proven to be far quicker, more precise and is globally accepted to this present day.

Core bits by design, do however, fail to offer a quick and easy solution to disconnect from the drill. Many will agree, removing the unwanted waste material can often be laborious and time consuming.

Throughout the ages time has always been about money and saving time and money still remains to be true today.
In 2020 Quikcore was born, designed for the 21st century customer.

Come join the Quik release revolution, core drilling has evolved!

Allen Hart

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