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WHAT’s INSIDE YOUR GAS BOILER – Looking at the components inside a gas central heating boiler. Vaillant Eco Tec Gas Combi Boiler strip down. Stripping down a Vailant boiler Today’s video is a request. I did my video yesterday with the Viessmann boiler. When I stripped it down, I was asked if I could strip this Vaillant boiler down here. That’s what I’m gonna do. We’ll strip this down and it’s just gonna be a quick run through of this really. Not got quite a time today because I’m going out with my kids in a bit.
These videos are for if you just qualified and you haven’t seen inside some of these boilers. These videos are aimed at you really. What I would say too as well, try and go on as many of the manufacturing training days as you can. Most of the manufacturers will give you free training days. Now then, training days are a bit sales sort of training, but they do tell you all about the boilers. A lot of times they’ll tell you about the faults with boilers. Ideal do good training. Baxi does really good training. All the manufacturers really, Viessmann, Vaillant, go on the training classes. They’re free and they will really give you that help and understanding of the boilers.

Let’s have a look at this now and we’ll take the case off. Bear in mind, this is an old boiler. The condition of this boiler inside is not very good. It’s a demo video of just how to show you how you’d strip it down. As I said, screwdriver underneath here. You can use a flathead or you can us a on these. What’s it got is, you undo that screw under there and then it’s got two clips here. You just push up and the case just lifts off. You see there it’s got a screw slot. We just undo that screw there. It’s also got two physical clips, one there and one on that side. Just here and here. All you do, push them clips up and then the front cover will come off. As I said with this boiler, it’s an old boiler. The clips and bits and bolts inside are damaged. The flop is just gonna fall down.

Just before I take this case off here, we can see where the graphite seal has been installed. Many years ago, maybe 10 years or so, Vaillant had a big problem with the seals on these boilers. The seals leaked and sometimes set the inside of the boiler on fire in very rare occurrences. With these old ones, make sure that the seal has changed. To be honest, you should’ve changed seals anyways if you’re gonna disturb the burner on these now anyway. That’s just something to look out for.

If we have a look inside this, we’ve got the heat exchanger, which is a stainless steal heat exchanger. That’s the burner [inaudible 00:03:47]. We’ve got this fan. We’ve got this pump. We’ve got this plate heat exchanger there. PRV in the front there as well. Expansion vessel, easy to get to, so if we need to top off the expansion vessel we can just do that on there. That’s easy. This had a little bit of a problem with the flow seals. I don’t know if you can see there, but the flow would be leaking there on this one.

If we’re gonna take out this plate heat exchanger on this, obviously this boiler is totally drained down. There’s no water in it, so you’d have to isolate the boiler. You’ve just got four screws. There’s one there, don’t know if you can see that. One there. One there. Some on this side just in there and then this will just easily pull out then. As boilers go, these are very easy to work on. See how easy this plate comes out? You don’t have to take anything else out in the boiler. You can just easily pull that out.

Obviously you’re gonna put a new plate in or if you’ve cleaned this plate out, you would check these seals in here. The seals here, always try and put new seals in if you can.

If we were gonna take the burner door off this for a service, we just need to take off this silencer here, and then disconnect all the wires off this. Obviously turn your gas off and disconnect your gas so you can pull all this burner out in one. Very, very easy to do. There’s just one screw here to get the silencer off. We’ll do that now.

Once you’ve taken the screw out of the silencer, the silencer can just lift forward and pull off very easy. I’m just gonna put that screw back in there, just so we don’t lose the screw.

We’ve got a 10 mm sockets just to soften these nuts off on this a bit. I normally disconnect if from here just so it’s easier to lift out and

That’s inside your heat exchanger. That’s the burner and this is the seal I was talking about earlier. Just that, see it’s a , that’s been changed. When we look at this, you’ve got your spark electrodes there. Then you’ve got your fan there. That all comes out as one unit.

If you have any problem with circulation in these boilers, it might be worth just checking these rubber hoses in here. They sometimes block up.

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