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Stripping down a Viessmann system boiler and Viessmann combi boiler. Today we’ve got two Viessmann boilers that I’m gonna strip down. So we’ve got 30-kilowatt Viessmann combi boiler here, which is a WB-1B. And then, we’ve got a 35-kilowatt system boiler. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna strip these both down, and I’m gonna show you all the parts inside them.

This one is a 35-kilowatt WB-1C, so we’ll strip that down as well. So I’ll strip them both down, and we’ll have a look inside them, and see all the components that you see in these boilers. So this video is aimed, really, at new recruits into the industry, just to give you an idea of what’s inside boilers. It’s not meant as any sort of training video. And always remember, if you work on any boilers you must be Gas Safe registered. So you have to Gas Safe registered to work on gas boilers.

First of all, what we’ll do is, I’ll just show you a little look around in here, just some of the other boilers that I’ve got on show. So have a look at that now. That’s a Neo tech there, which I totally stripped to bits. We’ve got three Ideal Logics there. And then we’ve got the Viessmann ones there, which we’re gonna take apart now in a few minutes. We’ve got a Vaillant boiler. We’ve got a Worcester boiler, a Worcester Bosch CDI that I’ve stripped down, and then we’ve got a new Baxi 600, again that’s been fully stripped down as well. So all these boilers are just demo boilers, just for testing and cutting up and playing with really.

Then I’ve got all bits of … So it’s a total mess in here, just got all bits of boilers everywhere. Heat exchangers, expansion vessels. Right, okay, so let’s get into these boilers here now and start stripping them down. So first of all to take the cases off on these boilers we’ve got two screws just under here. There’s one on this side, and then there’s one on this side here. On this one here they’ve already been undone, under there. Then all we need to do then, once you’ve undone the two screws underneath, you can just lift the case off. So there’s the two boilers inside, so we’ve got a heat exchanger there, we’ve got the fan, and we’ve got the gas valve.

Then the same in that one, we’ve got gas valve, fan, and heat exchanger. So we’ve got this expansion vessel there, and then the same in that one as well. So what I’ll do, we’ll strip this one down now, and we’ll have a look inside. So they’re very easy to strip down, these boilers. So to take the burner DAR off here, we’ve just got some bolts to unscrew, just on here, four bolts. Then we’ve just got to undo gas valve and we’ve got to take electrical connections off on here and on the fan, so we’ll do that now. So just to be careful on this because that’s got your washer in there for your gas valve.

So that’s obviously not been off for a while so I should imagine this hasn’t been serviced since it were installed. So that’s all your burner, your electrodes there look. So, if you want to strip one of these down, you check this seal in here, and then you may need to change that. You’d have to look in manufacturing instructions just to double check. Then lets have a look inside boiler. So if you have a look inside this, this clearly hasn’t been serviced since it’s been installed. So if we have a look at this one on this side, that’s a lot cleaner, so that’s obviously been serviced more often than the one on the left.

So now we’ll take the heat exchanger out on this, so we’ll just take off this hose. So I’ve removed the hose and there’s just a few bolts to undo, so there’s one there, one at that side at back, just there, and then one there as well, and then we can just unclip the back hose from there. Bear in mind this boiler is fully drained down, it’s not connected to the system at all. There’s also this pipe to come off on the bottom there. So I’ve undone the screws out the top of the flu here, just pull that out the way. Then that’ll make it easier just to lift this heat exchanger forward. You see there, I’ll just lift it out, if we can get all the wires off it.

We’ll have a little look at that heat exchanger in a little while, first of all we’ll take out the expansion vessel. Normally I’d use adjustables but this is not going to be put back together so. So just remove expansion vessel out of that. So in this particular boiler you’ve got an eight litre expansion vessel, in there. So to lift this bottom flap down, we’ve just got to clip in this side and we’ve got a clip in this side, and then that will just open down like that. Lift that out the way that we took off earlier. Then you’ve just got your pump in there, you’ve got your auto-air vent, you’ve got your blow off there, so if you needed to change that, you could just change that from there. Then you’ve got all your diverter in there, you’ve got a blanking plate there, so must be if that had a plate heat exchanger.

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