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WHICH COMBI BOILER IS BEST. BAXI 600 v WORCESTER BOSCH 2000. Worcester 2000. Combi Boiler. Baxi 600. Combi boiler reviews. https://www.cchleeds.co.uk/services/boiler-installation
Which combi boiler is best. We’re going to do a review on the Baxi 600 and we’re going to compare it with the new Worcester Bosch 2000.
Baxi 624, Baxi 630, Baxi 636, Worcester 2000,
COMBI BOILER REVIEW. Which combi boiler is best? BAXI COMBI BOILER or the new WORCESTER BOSCH 2000. Gas boiler stripped down and reviewed.
This is going to be a fairly in-depth review from the size of the boiler. We’ll look to see if they’ll both fit in a cupboard to what accessories you get with the boiler. Then we’ll do a full strip-down of both boilers, as well, so you can have a look inside and you can see the quality of each boiler.

What I’d really like is if you can at the moment now, if you could pause this video, and if you could just put what you think of the boilers before. And then afterwards at the end, if you could also then put what you think of the boiler. Yeah, just let me know your opinion and that’d be really helpful. And also it gives a big balance for anybody else who’s watching. So it’s not just my opinion, it’s everybody’s opinion. So if you could do that, I’d be very grateful. And I’m still smiling, Jess. Thank you.

Well, I’m measuring a standard cupboard and then what we’ll do we’ll have a look at the boilers and we’ll see which one will fit in a standard cupboard above. So standard cupboard, for my cupboard here, is 320 millimetres which is 32 centimetres.

On the Baxi 600 range of boilers, we need 290 millimetres. That’s 285 is the boiler depth. And then we need five millimetres clearance in front of the boiler to the door, to the cupboard door. We’ve also got 700 millimetres for the height of the boiler. So you’d have to make sure that will also fit within the cupboard. And also check the manufacturer’s instructions for the full clearances above and below.

Included in them clearances on the Baxi 600 range, so that’s the 624, the 630 and the 636, you can also take the pipes up the back and that’s included in that depth. So it’s a cupboard-fit boiler and the pipes can go up the back on it.

Let’s take a look at the Worcester 2000, so the Worcester Bosch 2000 combi boiler. This is a bit harder to understand. For some reason, they don’t put the dimensions on here, and you’ve got to look below. The boiler depth is zed, which is 300 millimetres. Well, that’s 15 millimetres more than the Baxi. And the width is 400. The Baxi the width was 390.

But the most important is will it fit in a cupboard, which is number eight; number eight is 320 millimetres. So as we can see on there it will fit in the cupboard. Obviously, we’d have to check these clearances on here to make sure you get your clearance above and below. So the Worcester 2000, or the Worcester Bosch 2000 will fit in a cupboard. There’s no space on the Worcester to put the pipes up the back. So if you did need to put the pipes up the back, you’d need to see if you was to do a standoff kit for it.

Which combi boiler is best? So what I’d like you to do now is pause the video again and put some comments below and tell me what you think, how your opinion of the boiler is so far.

Now to look at the boilers, which one looked best? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me, I’m not really bothered by what a boiler looks like as long as it’s easy to work on, and that’s the most important thing. Most of the time boilers are going to be in cupboards or they’re going to be in carriages, or somewhere where you’re not going to be looking at them. So yeah, that’s up to you. Which one looks best? Again, please add it in the comments below.

Both boilers you’ve got your pressure gauge on the front so they’re both easy to see. The Worcester doesn’t come with a filling loop, so you need to buy your own filling loop for the Worcester 2000 or the Worcester Bosch 2000. The Baxi 600 range, so the 624, the 630, the 636 they all come with a built-in filling loop.

So what we’ll do now, we’ll take the covers off and we’ll have a look inside. Always remember if you’re going to take a cover off a boiler, you must be Gas Safe Registered or competent to work on gas boilers. So yeah, let’s have a look inside.

To remove the cover on the backside, we’ve got a screw on the left and a screw on the right and the case will just lift off. Same on the Worcester 2000, one the left and one on the right and the case will just lift off.

Just before we look inside these boilers, we’ll just see for the size of them. I don’t know if you can see that, but the Worcesters ever so slightly bigger but not an issue really. One thing I will say about these Worcesters is the pipework here. I can only describe it as absolutely shocking. The pipes don’t line up. Now, this is my personal opinion, but I just can’t understand why Worcester would do pipe work like that. It’s just crazy.

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