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Nissan e-NV200 review.

My name’s Allen Hart and in today’s video, we’re going to look at the Nissan electric van. Leeds City Council’s loaned me this van on trial, so Leeds City Council, they’re trying to get businesses to change to electric vehicles. They’ve given me this van for two months. I’ve had the vehicle at the moment for six weeks, so I thought I’d run it around for a few months or a few weeks first and then I’d do a review on the van. This is a zero emissions van, so we charge it up.

We’ll have a look at back first. When we have a look inside here, we can see there’s quite a lot of space for a small van. As you can see, it’s very spacious for a small van. It’s also got double doors so for me as a plumber or a gas engineer, be able to rack this out, put my tools in one side and then be able to open the door on the other as well. What I’m going to do now, I’m going to load this up, put all my tools in, and then we’re going to do a review.

Let’s go for a drive. As always, when you’re going to drive a vehicle, you must be DVLA registered and competent to do so and always show your DVLA card. Also, we need to be reading the installation instructions.

To start this van, all I need to do is put my foot on the brake and press the start button. This is the Nissan e-NV200 electric vehicle, and this is the low emissions or zero emissions van. This van’s been given to me on trial from Leeds City Council. What Leeds City Council are doing, they’re trying to promote electric vehicles and low emissions in town centres. I’ve been given this van for, as I say, two month trial. So far I’ve had it for about six weeks. I wanted to use it first for a few weeks before we did this video, because I wanted to give my long-term review, or as long as I can in that time.

The drive of the van, it’s automatic. You just put it into drive and you just drive, just auto. It’s really, really nice to drive. It’s quiet as well. Obviously there’s no emissions. Charging, charging is an important thing. I was worried with an electric vehicle about charging. I’ve actually got an electric car and I really like the idea of having an electric vehicle.

Charge this overnight and it gives you about 140 miles on the eco range. As I’ve been using it, I’ve only been doing between 30 and 40 miles a day, so I’ve got plenty of battery left. It’s just steaming up now, so let’s just put some… Demist the windows. For charging, on the rapid charge, you can charge to around 80% in around 40 minutes. At home, if you’ve got a wall box, you can charge up to 100% in around seven hours. If you’ve just got a standard socket, then you’re looking at about 21 hours.

What do we think to this van? Well, I absolutely love it. It’s, as I’ve said already, it’s quiet. It’s lovely to drive. There’s quite a lot of space in the back. I am almost definitely going to buy one of these vans, I’ll rack it out in the back. Yeah, I think if you’re a plumber or you’re a gas engineer or any trade really, if you can manage with a smaller van, then this would be a perfect van for you. Obviously it depends on the miles that you’re going to do each day. If you’re normally fairly local to where you live, then this would be the perfect van.

Obviously if you’re going to be driving quite far away and journeys of, I would say, more than 100 miles, then obviously you might have to choose a different type of vehicle. Definitely for me, as a business, I only do short trips really, drive to a customer’s house, instal them a boiler and then drive home. Or sometimes I’ll do a load of servicing normally in a small area, so for me, it’s just perfect. Yeah, thumbs up from me.

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