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Which boiler would you choose for this property?
Competition Time… With Prizes… Trainees only…

Firstly, ignore what the videographer says, its more or less complete nonsense.

Have a go at specifying a complete installation kit list, to include the boiler and all the materials required to convert from these two boilers to a combination boiler.


1. It’s a 3-bed semi with 9 rads requiring 60,000 Btu’s of heat.
2. There is one bathroom with a thermostatic shower valve and one downstairs toilet.
3. The mains water flow rate is 14 litres per minute to the kitchen sink cold tap.
4. Assume the flue position to finish 450mm above ground level, terminating onto a pavement.
5. Assume there is a sink in the basement with a 32mm waste, situated 2m along the wall.
Using the Worcester Bosch Guide select which Worcester Bosch boiler you would install.

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