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Original install https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRAigwa7__w
Ideal logic plus combi boiler installation in Leeds with underfloor heating. installed by a local builder Today I’ve been called out to a boiler. I actually installed this boiler originally, and since then they’ve had an extension built, so the builder has moved the boiler into the extension. What I’ll do is, I’ll add the link below, and you can see the instal originally. So, you can see what I installed, and then you can see what’s been done since. I’ll show you some clips of this video now.

I fitted this boiler originally, and the builders have moved it. If we just have a look there, the flue, we can just see straight outside. They haven’t put any of the seals back on it. Then, they’ve put it onto an underfloor heating circuit there, and it’s got two zone valves on, but there’s no bypass on it. Put an S Plan on this system, so it looks like it’s an S Plan. It’s got two zone valves on, it’s got a zone valve there, and a zone valve down there, which is a bit hard to see, but they’ve not actually wired them in.

They’ve just put them there for show, and then they’ve manually opened the valves. The customer thinks that they’ve got control but they haven’t. That’s the outside of the flue, that’s sealed as well. As we can see, no PRV out here. Also, blow off’s not been connected back in, so now if it over pressurises it’ll just leak down onto all the electrics. Handles been snapped off on there as well.

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