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DIY Guide How To Guide. Today I’m gonna show you how to fill up, top up, or re-pressurize your Worcester Bosch combination boiler. So, it’s a little bit hard to see. But, there’s a padlock on there. So, that’s locked. And then there’s an unlock. And then what we do, we get us a key. So, we gets filling key. And we put this filling key in here.

So, first of all we check the boiler. So, we can see on here. It’s in the … It’s nearly at zero, in the red. So, that needs to be filled up. So, when we open this up at the bond, this here will slowly go up. What you’ve got to be really careful, these boilers, is you don’t put too much pressure in. You only want it about one. If you put too much in here, then you can damage the boiler. And this has got a pressure relief valve on the back of it. So, if you put too much pressure in, you can definitely do more damage than good. So, just be really careful.

So, what I’m gonna do, I’m just gonna take this front cover off this boiler. Just so I can show you exactly how this key goes in. When you’re filling it, you won’t need to do this. But, I’m gonna do it just so I can show you. So, your key goes in there. And then you push it up. Which can be a bit awkward. And then you just turn it around to the lock. And then you see the top, it’s locked there. And then that’s what you turn. Turn this one. So, it’s wrong there. You don’t wanna be doing that with that one. So, it’s the one on the left hand side there that you’ll be using to fill it up.

So as I said, don’t put too much pressure in here. So, now it’s fully up. Now, I’ve got us a key. And all we need to do is just turn this tap here. And then you’ll just hear water going in. And as water’s going in, you’ll see the valve start to go up. So, that’s the pressure gauge. You’ll see the pressure gauge start going up. And then when you’ve got it up to one, just turn this back off. And then take your key back to the unlock. And you will get a little bit of water come out there when you do that. And that’s how you fill up your Worcester Bosch Combo Boiler with the key. The one that’s got the key. Filling up the tank, filling link key. That one. So, that’s how you fill up your Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler. I hope that was of some use. Thanks for watching.

Allen Hart

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