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Fein MultiMaster Multi Tool Review , The most underrated tool i have.
I keep getting asked about the tools that I use, and if I would do some reviews on some of the tools that I use. So I just wanted to do a really, really quick video, so this is going to be the shortest video ever, this one.

But I’ve got all these tool here, but one of the tools that I use the most out of all my tools is my Fein. This is so underrated. This Fein multi-tool, MultiMaster, it’s called, but this is absolutely brilliant. So if you need to get into any bits of wood anywhere, [inaudible 00:00:55] to skirting boards or … you can get in with that, change blades on it, just push that like that. Change blade. It’s just got a little connection there, and then just put that back so you can mount it in a different direction if you want to.

Just like that. So if you wanted to get in anywhere, you could get in and cut. If it were the other way around, you could obviously do it the other way. It’s just brilliant. It’s something really, really handy to have in your tools.

Now, I have had a cordless version before, not of this make, and I didn’t find that as good as this. I think that this is amazing. I hope that will bring something out in the future and then maybe it’ll rival this, but at the moment, this is the best one I’ve used. So, if anybody’s’ watching and you’ve got one that’s better than this that’s cordless, then id really appreciate you telling us in comments below. But, yeah. So, that’s just a quick video of my underrated tool, if you like.

So, yeah. Fein multi-tool corded. This is 240, you can get it 110 as well. But, yeah. Hope that was of some use to you. And if you’ve got any questions about any of these other tools, any ulti range, just ask me and I’ll try and do a video on them when I can. Thanks for watching.

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