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Ideal Vogue Review, Long term review after been installed for 2 years.
Today I’m working in Alwoodley in Leeds. We’ve just come to do a service on a boiler. This is a boiler that we fitted, so we fitted this boiler two years ago. So I’m just gonna do a review on it, long-term review on the Ideal Vogue. So we’ll strip it down and we’ll have a look inside and see what we think to it after two years.
So what we’ve done with this boiler is we’ve got a stand-off jig there. Most of the pipes go out the back just to make it neater. Then we’ve got two screws just under here. We’ll take these two screws out and then the case will just lift off.
So we’ve isolated the power, just going to turn the gas off. So we’ve isolated the gas. If we just have a look on here, we used press fit on this when we installed this, so the gas has got press fit. That’s a special fitting for gas, so they have a yellow O-ring, the gas ones.
So, let’s have a look inside and see what it’s like. So this is the first generation of the Ideal Vogue, so when we look inside here it’s got all the brass and copper inside. The newer model is, they’ve changed this now to plastic.
So if you’re going to have your gas appliances service or maintained, always make sure you use a Gas Safe registered engineer. If you don’t use a Gas Safe engineer, not only could you put your family and your own life in danger, also you’ll have no warranty on the boiler. So always make sure you use a Gas Safe-registered engineer.
So it’s a little bit mucky inside as we would expect, so we’re just going to clean that out now. It’s still looking good in here after two years. There’s no signs of owt leaking. The flue seal is all intact. No stains, no water marks anywhere out back.
So long term review of this boiler, two years old, can’t fault it. I think it’s an amazing boiler. I’m disappointed that Ideal went with plastic with new ones. Time will tell if they are any better, but so far this is two years old and it’s just like new. It’s a really good boiler. I’ve got exactly the same boiler in my house, so, yeah. It’s good, good, really impressed.

Allen Hart

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