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Called out to a heating system in Menston near Leeds.
Today we’ve been called out to a system that’s not working very well. So we’ve come to change the pump on the system, so I’m just going to show you the water here. So we’re draining system down, and I’ll show you the water that’s in the central heating system.

So if you look at it now, I’ve stripped the pump apart, and you can just see there clearly it’s just sludged up, and that’s why the pump’s failed. This customer’s also had a new boiler about three or four years ago, and apparently it were flushed when they had a new boiler. But clearly it needs another flush, and it needs … Well I would advise a power flush, and a filter fitted, just to stop this happening again.

So we’re just fitting them a new pump now. So we’ve just installed the customer a new pump on here, and put some new pump valves on, other pump valves were leaking.

So they have had a new boiler fitted, so they’ve had a Worcester fitted in here.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video, changing a pump on a dirty system.

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