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#BAXI800REVIEW Baxi 800 review. Today we are doing a review on the all new Baxi 800. The Baxi 800 comes in 3 different sizes. 825 830 and 836 The 825 is 25kw, 830 is 30kw, 836 is 36kw. This new boiler from Baxi will suit most house styles and comes with a full 10 year parts and labour warranty. The Baxi 800 comes with a Adey Magnaclean Micro2 as standard. No stand off kit required for the Baxi 800 as you are able to run the pipes up the back as standard. The Baxi 800 also has a new flue kit available for ridge applications.All in all the new Baxi 800 is set to be a winner.
I’m quite excited today. I’ve got the new Baxi 800 combi boiler.

I’m going to to do a review on this boiler. The new 800 comes in a 25, a 30, and a 36. It also comes with a 10-year parts and labour warranty. It comes with a filter in the box now. It comes with an 80 MagnaClean, Micro, Micro2. If you don’t like this filter, if you prefer different brands of filter you can use whichever brand you want. The boiler will still come with a 10-year parts and labour warranty. You just need to fit a filter with it.

Features and benefits of this boiler. It’s a small boiler. It’s a cupboard fit boiler. It goes all the way up to 36 kilowatts so you can … It’s good for if you want really good flow rates.

There’s space up the back so if you want to put pipes up the back you don’t need to think about it. If you go to a job and you think, “Ah, I wish I had been able to put pipes up back.” Then you can just do that standard with these. You don’t need to think about getting a stand off kit. Obviously sometimes when you get a stand off kit it’ll pull the boiler off the wall a little bit. It might not fit in a cupboard anymore.

Yeah. Lets have a look inside.

To remove the case on this boiler we’ve just got two screws underneath. You can undo them with a spanner or you can undo them with a star-shaped Pozidriv. Undo them and the front cover will just lift off.

When we look inside the boiler we can see it’s got the stainless steel heat exchanger. It’s also got, on the front cover it’s got some foam on the front cover. Hopefully that’ll reduce the noise of this boiler. Pull down the flap on the front. If we have a look inside here we can see it’s got a Grundfos pump. It’s got brass components. All the components are brass, which personally I like to see in a boiler. Expansion vessel on the right-hand side there.

These panels, on the side, also come off. You can undo the screws out and you can take this panel off if you needed to get into any of this.

There’s the Schrader valve on the top of here. The Schrader valve being on the top of the boiler will make it very easy for servicing. If you want to top that up or pump that up on a service it’s nice and easy.

If we just have a recap on the inside of the boiler it’s got a Grundfos pump, which is a 15-60 pump. That’s a high efficiency pump. It’s got the brass components. The PRV is forward facing, so if you ever need to change the PRV, be nice and easy to do. It’s got brass on that side as well. The plate at the back there, so if you take that burner out you could always get to the plate heat exchanger very easy.

It’s amazing how much space there is in the boiler. It would be very, very easy to work on. As I say, these panels come off the side. If you did ever need a bit more space then you could remove them, but you wouldn’t need to, to be honest.

For anybody who watches my channel, or subscribes to my channel, you’ll probably see me installing quite a few of these. I’ve been waiting for a cupboard fit boiler with a 10-year warranty from Baxi. I’ve always fitted the Platinum for years. I always loved the Platinum. The Platinum’s going shortly. This is the replacement. Yeah, it’s all good.

One thing to point out with this as well, they’ve also brought out the flue kit. That’s the iForce with a ridge terminal. If you needed to use one of them then you can do.

All in all what do I think of it? I think it’s really good. If I’m honest with you I think this is probably going to be my boiler of choice. I will instal whatever a customer wants, to be honest, but yeah it’s a very, very good option. 10-year parts and labour warranty. Yeah, can’t go wrong.

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