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Baxi 800 v Ideal Logic Max Which one is best. Baxi 800 combi boiler review and Ideal Logic Max combi boiler review. Which boiler is best. What’s the best combi boiler. BEST COMBI BOILER
Combi boiler reviews. On the left here, we’ve got the Ideal Max. That’s the Ideal Logic Max combi boiler. On the right here, we’ve got the new Baxi 800 combi boiler. What I’m going to do, going to have a look at both boilers, show the features and benefits of both boilers and let’s see which one we think is best.

First of all, if we compare the size of both boilers, there’s not that much in it at all. The Baxi 800 is… Well, I think they’re almost identical, to be honest. The front of it looks a bit lower, but there’s not much in it. If we look at side, again, there’s not much in it. They’re both cupboard fit boilers. If we look at the measurement of the side of the boiler, you’re looking roughly about 295 millimetres, just over 11 inches on the side. We’ll have a look at the height now. If we look at the height, we’re looking roughly 700 millimetres, 70 centimetres or around just over 27 and a half inches.

If we look at the top of both boilers, we can see the Baxi. With the Baxi, you can put the pipes up the back and the boiler is still cupboard fit. With the Ideal Logic, you would need a standoff bracket. That would bring the boiler out about 50 millimetres, and then that would no longer be a cupboard fit boiler. Just have a look on the back of the Baxi 800, we can see there’s lots of space to take all your pipes up the back.

Both these boilers come with a 10 year parts and labour warranty as long as you have the boiler serviced. You need to make sure you maintain the boiler and have it serviced, and then you will have a 10 year parts and labour warranty. Both boilers come with a filter. The Ideal come with an Omega Filter or a brass filter. The Baxi 800 comes with a ADEY filter, which is a plastic filter.

If we look at the boiler, look at the outputs. The output from the Ideal Logic Max, 24 gives you 9.9 litres a minute, 30 gives you 12.4, 35 kilowatt gives you 14.5 litres a minute and that’s at a 35 degree rise. The Baxi comes in a 25 kilowatt, which is 10.2 litres per minute. It comes in a 30, which is 12.2 litres per minute. It also comes in a 36 kilowatt, which is 15 litres per minute. The Baxi gets the edge slightly on the 24 and the 36 kilowatt. The Ideal Logic Max gets the edge slightly on the 30 kilowatt boiler. I would say that they’re more or less the same really. Both boilers will give you similar outputs for your hot water.

If we look at the Logic, so this is the Ideal Logic Max, we’ve got the pressure gauge, which is nice and big, which is on the front. We’ve got the hot water temperature that we can adjust. We’ve got the front display. The front display on this boiler is very nice and it’s got a lot of different options in there. We’ve got the central heating and then we’ve got the mode, so you can turn the boiler off. You can have it on hot water only or you can have it on hot water and heating on there. If we pull the front flap down, this pull out here can also be used to put an in-built timer or clock.

If we look at the Baxi, so this is the Baxi 800, the front display is very simple and fairly basic. You’ve got heating, temperature up and down for your heating. You’ve got your display, which only really tells you faults. We’ve got a 118 fault on that at the moment. This boiler is not piped up, so it’s got low pressure fault code. It’s good for the fault codes. Then, we’ve got the temperature of the hot water.

Let’s have a look inside the boiler now. Both of these boilers have two screws underneath. The Logic has a little clip on each side, and then you can pull that off. The Baxi, again, two screws, one there and one there. You can lift the front off. If we lift the front off on both boilers, on the front of the Ideal, it’s plastic. For a gas engineer, you won’t be able to stick your analyzer to it if your analyzer’s got a magnet on it. This one’s metal. The Baxi 800 is a metal front.

Let’s have a look inside. If we have a look inside both boilers, the Ideal Logic Max just clips down nice and easy. The Baxi 800 also pulls down nice and easy. If we start at the bottom, Grundfos pump. In the Ideal Logic, it’s got a 1570 pump. Again, in the Baxi, the Baxi’s got a Grundfos pump as well. The Baxi has got a 1560 pump. If we have a look inside the Baxi, the components are brass, which are proven really because they’ve been in the Baxi Platinum for many years. They’re proven to be reliable. If we look in the Logic, the parts are plastic in the bottom. The plastic parts are made by Grundfos. Ideal say that the plastic is more reliable.

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