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Baxi Neta Tec GA Combi Boiler Review Today I wanted to do a review of the Baxi Neta Tec boiler, so Baxi no longer make this boiler But I just thought I’d give a long-term review and share with you some of the experience that we have had in setting, servicing and repairing these boilers.

So first of all we took the two screws off underneath on here, which I’ve done already and we just took the case off and then you’ll see first of all this swung down so if you see these catches here, So these catches on here wasn’t very good and they tended to snap off, and they tended to do that. On the Duo-tec version of this boiler Of the GA version, they also had like a bar that went across there and again the flap wasn’t great on it, didn’t seem to stay up very well.

So let’s have a look inside, and here we’ve got a stainless steel heat exchanger, which is something that personally I like to see in boilers and then we’ll go down the boiler, we’ve got the pump here, so the pump is a 1560 pump, so again I think that’s good, really good. Then we got the plastic components in there, which I’ll show you a bit closer.

So in the Neta Tec version the parts inside are plastic and to be honest we’ve had a lot of problems with plastic so, we’ve had a few problems with them leaking, so you can see this one, this one’s been leaking, so they tend to leak from the diverter head here and I think they’ve got a problem back here because I’ve noticed leaks on back we can’t get to and you can’t see what’s actually leaking. But we will look inside it so if we start there, so we’ve got this expansion vessel there on this so it’s quite easy to get into, is that. The burner is quite easy to take out, we just undo this and then there’s just four bolts and tip wires off again, nice and easy to work on is that. It’s just the burn side of this really.

The blow off is easy, nice and easy to get to. Forward first in. So we’ll just take the clip out there, the diverter head and then we’ll have a look at this. Took the head off, we can actually see this one’s been leaking into the head. So, thinking of looking there, you can see it’s been leaking through the plastic on both of the head.

So as always guys, we’d love to hear your experiences with this boiler. Please add them in the comments below, tell us what you think of them, if you’ve had any issues with them, if you’ve got any good stories about them as well. Honest feedback on boiler and as you can probably gather, I am not a particular lover of this model boiler. Baxi as a whole I think, makes some amazing boilers, the Duo-tec and the platinum, I think are outstanding. We fit them quite often and we’ve had very, very few issues with them but as this model goes, it wasn’t for me and I don’t think it were a good boiler.

Thanks for watching.

Allen Hart

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