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BAXI NETA TEC HONEST REVIEW AND STRIP DOWN Baxi neta-tec combi boiler reviews
Today, we’ve got hold of a Baxi Neta Tec. So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to strip this down. So, it’s going to be a little bit different to what other people do. What I’m going to do is I’m going to strip this so there’s no parts left in the boiler. We’ll take every single piece out of this boiler and we’ll see how easy it is to strip down and how easy it is to work on.

So, before start, always make sure you get a Gas Safe registered engineer to work on your gas boilers or any gas appliances in your property. Engineers must be Gas Safe registered.

So, let’s take the case off and let’s have a look inside. We’ll take these two screws out. So, the side, then, will just lift off. So again, it’s got some nice lubs inside there so it makes it easier so you can get into the side of the boiler here if you’ve got the clearances from the job, obviously.

We’re going to take the expansion vessel out of the way from this so we can get into the boiler nice and easy. So, we’ve just got a clip here. We just pull the clip off. Just pull it off, and then we’ve just got a nut above here, which is a 13. So, that’s your expansion vessel out now.

So, I’m just going to take other side of hose off here. Don’t know if you can see in that hose, but maybe everybody have to see it with camera. That hose is very, very small. The hole is very small, but also on this one, it looks like it’s almost blocked up. So, we going to take out. We’ve just got a five mil Allen key; just going to undo pump. We’ve got another one; got another bolt just here on this side.

So, we just unplug it there. Just got a screw there as well. So, we just lift this pump out now. Backup pump is plastic on these and, to be honest, in most boilers nowadays, the backup pump is also plastic. Some debris in there; you can see that.

So, I’m just going to take the diverter head off. There’s a little pin just here, a little clip, and then these just pull out. If you notice on there, it’s got a screw. So, on the first ones of these, they didn’t come with a screw in, and then Baxi updated them because this use to go loose.

You’re now looking at diverter head. It’s been leaking; it’s been getting into the head.

So, these used to also leak from the O-ring on there; hard to feel these leaks, but this has got quite a lot of muck in this.

So, if we take out diverter cartridge on that, and just have a look at that. So, that’s what inside them. You have to see real … can get a better view. That’s very mucky in there.

You can see it’s been leaking because pressure gauge have water in it. Again, if you look at end of that, doubt if you can really see really, but it’s tiny. I think it looks almost blocked, really.

So, I’m just going to take the burner out and take it out of the way to get to back easier. So, that’s your burner, and these.

So, it looks like you’ve got to take all that block out in one. Have a look in there; I doubt if you can see it, either. Got a lot of muck in this. It’s, obviously, been on a very mucky system or plastic], and helps with corrosion. I don’t know the answer. Maybe somebody could tell me.

So, this has got a rubber hose on this. Let’s cut that out and see what’s inside it. So, it has got a rubber hose, but only a right little tiny bit of it is actually in use because it’s got copper on the inside of both of that. So, it’s, obviously, on here right little tiny bit.

We should take off boiler in one.

Condensate trap out.

It’s your gas valve, and the heat exchanger, which is in good condition, really.

So, I just want to show you one thing that is really good on these boilers, and it’s on all the Baxi range of boilers. It’s this drip tray. What that means is if you get water coming down the air intake, the water will go into here. As you can see on there, it has that drips of water in, but then what it does is falls down onto here, goes down there, and it goes down the drain that goes into condensate trap. So, you don’t get all the wet and stuff in the boiler with this on. So, that’s a really good design.

So, there we have it. That’s your Neta Tec fully stripped down.

Thanks for watching.

Allen Hart

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