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Today we’re gonna have a look at the Seek Thermal Imaging Camera. In some of my videos, you’ll see that we’ve been using a thermal imaging camera for powerful shade and testing pipes, etc..

But the FLIR One that we’ve been using, it’s a little bit awkward ’cause you’ve got to charge it. I was looking for something that you didn’t have to charge and that you could just plug straight into the bottom of a phone and it’d just work.

This promises to do that. We’re gonna have a look at this. We’re gonna do a review on it. First of all, I’m gonna open the box up and we can have a look what comes inside it when you get it.

This is the compact version. When we open the box up, let’s see, it comes with a nice little carry case. That looks really good, to be honest. Then it comes with the attachment. That is tiny. That is very, very small.

That just plugs straight into your phone. You download the app and then just plug it into your phone. We’re gonna test this now. I’m gonna do some videos now and I’ll add them onto this video so we can see what we think to it.

I’ve plugged it in onto my iPad just so we can have a look and see what we think to it. My first impressions, it’s nowhere near as good as a FLIR. We’ve been used to the FLIR for a while. But we’ll go through some of the settings and then we’ll come back and add some more comments.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m quite disappointed. I thought it would be as good as the FLIR, really.

The good points to it, it’s got a lovely carry case and it’s compact. If I’m honest, I’m somewhat disappointed. I thought it would be as good as the FLIR and it doesn’t seem to be nowhere near in the same league, to be honest. I think we’ll go back to the FLIR. Thanks for watching.

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