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Wago 222 review. Today I wanted to have a look and show you something that we’ve started to use, which is the Wago 222. So these are connector box for your electric wires. We’ve first seen these on some charity instals we were doing, so one of the other gas engineers were using these connector box. I seen them for sale in Screwfix and I thought I’d give them a go. But what you’ve got there, if you see, they just click apart like that. You see, on that thing … So those click apart and then you just slide your wires in there. So if we come a bit closer, what we’ll do is we’ll cut a bit of wire and we’ll have a look at them.

So that’s the three one, and that’s the two. And you just pull them apart. They are a bit stiff. They’re reusable as well. So if we have a look on there it tells you the size of wire we can use, the different sizes, and also the different types of wire that can be used. If we just show you how easy these are to connect. So I’ve cut me wire all to the same length there, and the good thing with these, you can put wire in all the same length. And what you do is, if you have a look on back of there, it shows you where you need to cut your wire to. So if we cut our wire to there, and then obviously on that one we’d have some earth sleeving.

So if we have a look at our wires there, we’re gonna connect these up. So we can just put that straight in and just click that one down. And then that’s in tight now. So if we get our other wire and want to connect our other one in there, then we can just connect that in. Just push it in and again just click it together. So they’re in. And if we have a third wire. So then if we connect our third wire into there, so then we’ve got all our three wires there connected in together. I’m just gonna do the same with the others.

So I’m only doing these … I’m just doing these quick so you can just get the idea of how to use them. Obviously we would put earth sleeving on there. And then they just go in there. So you see how easy they were, just all to clip together. And then obviously then we’d have to put them into a junction box. So you could put them in a normal junction box if you wanted, or you could put them in one of these, the Wago Box. And these boxes, these boxes are absolutely brilliant. So take that stuff out of there. So what you do with these boxes is you just get your wire and just push them in there, push them down, push them down like so. That one in there. Then just push all that together like so.

You can also do your electrical checks with this. You can stick your multimeter into there. So all these are reusable. Take them back apart if you want. They come in all different sizes as well, so they don’t just come in twos and threes. I think you can get fours and fives and all sorts. So if you’re gonna do them in a wiring centre for central heating or something like that, I think they’re brilliant. Really really really good. They save you a lot of time and time is always money. Faffing about putting wires in stuff like this, you put one in and it pulls out and you just mess about and they all fall out. They’re just a nightmare. But when you use something like this, they just make the job so much easier.

So that were just our quick demonstration of the Wagos and the Wago Box. I hope you found it useful. Thanks for watching.

Allen Hart

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