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IDEAL LOGIC REVIEW. Ideal logic combi boiler reviews.
Today we’re going to talk about the Ideal Logic, so I’m going to do a long-term review on the Ideal Logic range of boilers. We’ve got an Ideal Logic Combi here, this is a Logic Plus so if you bought one of these now these would come with a seven year guarantee, seven year warranty. Then we’ve got an Ideal Logic Heat only here, so we’ll look at both of these and we’re going to do a review on them, and I’m going to just tell you my opinion of them.

I do welcome, and I would really like for you to get involved. In the comments below if you could tell us what you think of these boilers, good and bad experiences, they’d be really useful. One thing to point out with both these boilers, if you get them serviced every year, then if you do have any problems with them, then they come with a manufacturers warranty so you won’t really have any issues at all. The biggest problems we see is with boilers that haven’t been serviced.

First of all, I’ll take the case off both of these boilers. I’ve taken the screws out underneath already, so there’s just two clips, voila, the boiler case comes off very easy. Same again. When we look inside both of these boilers, just lift the clip down, see inside. When we look inside here we can see there’s quite a lot of space to work on, on both of these boilers, so if you need to remove any parts or work on them it’s easy, it’s easy to do.

When we have a look inside the Combi, we’ve got a Grundfos 15-60 pump, so that’s a really good quality pump. We’ve got expansion vessel to the right hand side, which is easy to take out and work on if needed. We’ve also got a Schrader Valve at the front, so for servicing it makes it a lot easier for servicing. We’ve got the gas valve, so the gas valve is very easy to take out if need be. The trap, the condensate trap is easy to get to. The diverter head is all easy to get on and work on, and then, at the back there we’ve got the plate heat exchanger there. Again, that’s quite easy to get out if need be.

We’ve got an aluminium heat exchanger in this, personally I prefer boilers with stainless steel if possible, but there’s a compromise, this is a cheaper boiler. In the Ideal Vogue range of boilers they have a stainless steel heat exchanger, this is a more budget range of boiler. The electrodes are all easy to get to. The fan is easy to work on. And then, in the heat only, just move that away. In the heat only, you can see there’s absolutely loads of space in the heat only.

This heat only had, had a problem with the sump leaking, but this boiler, it had been in for about four years. It had been fitted by a big national company but the boiler had never been serviced since it were fitted. All in all, my long term review, my opinion of these boilers, and I do take into account what I see on the internet. What I read, and what other people put about failing heat exchangers, sumps et cetera. My opinion from the boilers I have actually installed is they’ve been quite reliable, and they’ve been quite good boilers.

I think we had one heat exchanger fail out of all the boilers that we’ve done. We’ve had a few sumps, maybe about five or so now, but that’s out of a lot of boilers that we’ve installed. I think that that is seen as a fairly common issue now, the sumps on them, but it’s quite easy to change, it’s not a major problem. If it’s under warranty it’ll be one under warranty. You just need to make sure that you have your boiler serviced.

If you take anything from this video, always get your boiler serviced every year, because if there is any issues then they be picked up on a service, and then you can get your manufacturers out to it, and they can do it under warranty. All in all, I would say they’re a good boiler. They’re a budget boiler, so they’re not as good as something that’s more expensive, but all in all I think they’re a good boiler. Thanks for watching. Which boiler is best. Best combi boilers.

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