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#Baxi800 What’s new with the Baxi 800. Today we are looking at the changes from the baxi Platinum to the all new Baxi 800 combi boiler. My name is Allen Hart and today we’re looking at what’s new with the Baxi 800. The Baxi 800 Combi Boiler replaces the Baxi Platinum Boiler. So in this video we’re going to look at both boilers, and look at what the improvements are with the Baxi 800 over the Baxi Platinum Boiler.

This Platinum is about 10 years old. If we look at both boilers, we can see that the Baxi 800 is much smaller. It’s compact, it will fit in a cupboard. Whereas the Platinum, the Platinum were too big to fit in a standard cupboard. If we look on the top, we can see the Baxi 800 now has a centre flue, the Baxi Platinum, the flue was offset over to the right, so that’s a big improvement as well. What we’ll do, we’ll have a look inside and we’ll see what’s changed on the inside.

To remove the cover on the Baxi 800, we’ve got two screws underneath and the cover will just lift off. To remove the Baxi Platinum cover, first of all, we’ve got two screws here. We just undo them a little bit. Just before I remove the case, this is a 10 year old boiler and it will have age related marks inside. So the difference, already we can see we’ve got another cover to take off on the Platinum. For me, the Baxi Platinum is a proven boiler, it’s proven to have been reliable. I’ve installed a lot of these boilers, and I have very, very few issues with them.

So first of all, if we have a look inside the Baxi Platinum, we can see it’s a stainless steel heat exchanger, and if we look in the Baxi 800 we can also see it’s got a stainless steel heat exchanger. If we look in the Baxi Platinum, we can see the expansion vessel is there and it’s awkward to get into, on the Schrader valve. If we have a look at the Baxi 800, the expansion vessel is here, the Schrader valve on this one is on the top, so it’s very easy to work on. What I’ll do now is I’ll have this front flap down, and this one here, and we’ll have a look inside.

If we have look inside the Baxi 800, we just pull the flap down so it’s really easy. If we have look in the Baxi Platinum, we’ve just got two screws, and again, the front flap lifts down. If we look inside both boilers they look very similar inside. Grundfos pump, so in the Platinum it’s got 15-60 pump, and in the Baxi 800 it’s got 15-60 Grundfos pump as well. In the Baxi 800 it’s a high efficiency pump, gas valve in a similar place, and all the diverter there as well, so when we look inside, they look very similar. If we look inside Baxi 800, we can see it’s got the drip tray for the flue, similar to the the one in the Baxi Platinum, which, what that means is it keeps the inside of the boiler clean.

If we have a look in there it’s all brass components. It’s got copper pipes, a stainless steel heat exchanger. So we would expect that this is going to be as reliable as the Baxi Platinum has been. Even though the Baxi 800 is a smaller boiler and it’s compact, you can also take all your pipes up the back on the Baxi 800. Also, it comes with a 10 year parts and labour warranty, as long as you have the boiler serviced. One benefit to the Baxi 800, it now comes with a quick fill device for topping up, so it’s easier for the customer to fill the boiler up. The first Platinums, when it had the the two valves were a bit awkward, and we used to get quite a few issues with customers with them, but this new fill make it a lot easier.

Also the Baxi 800 comes with a filter, so it comes with a MagnaClean Pro 2. You do not have to instal this filter if you don’t want to. You could instal other manufacturer’s filters, but this filter does come in the box. So you’re obviously going to, you’re probably going to instal that really. So yeah. So what do I think to it? Well, as most will know, it is just a Baxi 600, and it’s just got a different number on the front. It comes with a 10 year warranty instead of a seven, and it comes with the filter. So all in all, if you want a compact boiler with a 10 year warranty, you’re not going to go far wrong with the Baxi 800 Combi Boiler. Thanks for watching.

Just a correction. The filter is a MagnaClean, and it’s Micro 2 filter.

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