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Today we’re going to look at the new smart thermostat from EPH. It’s the CP4i smart control. What I’m going to do, we’ll open this up and I’ll download the app. I’ll show you how to download the app and I’ll show you. So you’re working as well. So if we just have a look inside this when it comes, it’s a bit like an Apple style product quality, quality of box open up. And then when we look inside we get the thermostat and the gateway air in there. And then you’ve got your, you’ve got your firmer up there and if you want, I’ve got a corner, these branded flaps. So if you want a firm, if you wanted to, you could put your own flap in front of it, put your own flop on like that. Um, yeah. So now we’ll have a look at the app

to download the app on T phone is the EPH controls and it’s the Ember app. Just go to app store, you can search for EPH controls and you would find the app there and you can download it. You can also search for the
um, smart heating control as well. And I’ll show you there. And then just click on download. So once you’ve downloaded the app, you just click on open and then all you need to do is set up, set up an account on here. And that’s self-explanatory is that,
so we’ve downloaded the app now and we’ve got the gateway, so it’s taking this out of the box. We need to plug this in. Just put this into the man’s domain, supply, the receiver, this receiver here. We would, the way at that end to the bylaw and then now what we’ll do, we’ll connect the app to the gateway.
We take them out of the box. The gateway is all paired together so you don’t have to pair any of these or we need to do is connect this to the internet and we’ll do that now. So to connect the wifi from the, from the property to the gateway, just clicking to click into the app, we’ll click on wifi, sign up, click on either of these installer or homeowner and then whichever control the ears in Williams in the Ts. And then you put your details, your password of your internet into here.
So within, put the password on here now and if we have a lock on the back of the gateway will cause Bon here is just tell the shroud so you can see it back. So it’s the w P S smartly. If we’re pressing old, that two seconds you’ll see the wifi at the front start flushing. And then if we go back to the app and if we click on continue and then now them, they will now connect together and this will connect to the house’s internet. So when the free lights on the front a solid, you would then click continue on there.
Once you’ve clicked on the continue, you get a little tick. I’m here and you can set this name in here. So we’ve got that as zone a home. And then we’ve got zone one. If you’ve got multiple zones then you would have a list here and you could change the names if you want it to have like upstairs and downstairs. You could set all that in here and you would just click on Civ. When you get into here, again you just put your details in there, pile your address details and you can put your code in. So we’ll do that now and it’s populated an address here. We can just click on that and I’ll pull in fire and then you can just click on the [inaudible] on there. If you want to add over users, you can just put their details in here and you could click invite. For this P for purposes of this video, we’re just going to click on skip and then that just shows congratulations. It’s set up and then again we just click on continue
so that would be an app. Now I’m also up now working. If you want to change the settings on the app, you get a nice nice screen there. You can click into the temperature and that shows you a schedule in there. You can click into that and you can edit that schedule if you want. We can just come back out of that. If you just want to manually turn it up and down, we can just do the, I’m here. The temperature here is the temperature that we’re asking the room to be the temperature. Here is what it is at the moment. I’m not super Harley. Nice and easy. Quick, quick and easy to set up. If you’ve got any questions, if you can ask them in the comments and as I say, if you click up that somewhere and a subscribe, if a polite fast fortune.

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