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POWER FLUSHING with pellets. Powder flush. Powerflush. Power flush. Cleaning a central heating system. Everybody who asked questions. On the last video, I’m going to ask powder flush video. We’re going to do some demonstrations today and we’re going to try and onset some of the questions that’s been asked, like I’m putting the pallets for pumps and play exchanges, et cetera, et cetera. So yeah, so I’ll pass you over to Steven and yeah, I’ll answer some of them questions.

Thanks Allen for having us back. Um, one of the first things we want to show is how the pellets can go through a plate heat exchanger and clean it. Uh, we have this plate heat exchanger and it’s really dirty and blocked as you can see. And then the next shop we gonna clean it up.

So what I’ve done here is I’ve put a fitting on so we can flush straight through the heat exchanger. Normally we wouldn’t need to take this out of the boiler. We do it in situ, but for the demonstration we took it out so I can actually show that it’ll go all the way through. So depending on the size of what we want to clean, we can use different size pellets. Uh, we have our biggest ones here. And then you have the like a middle size one, and then you have the really small ones, which we’re gonna use for this heat exchanger. It’ll fit neatly through those little gaps. So, uh, all I need to do is pour it inside. So I’m going to connect the pipe to the fitting so we can clean it. Uh, we don’t need to flush it forwards and backwards. We only need to pass the pellets through this once to get a team. So now we’re ready to powder flush.
so a lot of you have been asking about how we can clean central heating pumps and magnetic filters. So we’re going to do a little demonstration about how to clean them in situ. We have some magnetite sludge in here to show you how it looks before and then now we’re going powder flush straight through the Palm and straight through the full term to explain what they actually did there is we were able to fit pallets that are actually larger than the openings in the palace through the impeller blades because they would be dissolving in the flow as it goes past. And as soon as it gets to the right size, it will squeeze through that narrow opening, opening and cleaning that section out. Some of the questions asked were why do we use different sized palettes? And um, it’s quite simple because we want to clean in one pass, we need to use larger pellets for larger pipes and smaller pallets for smaller pipes. How long they take to dissolve would depend on the water temperature. And um, that is, it’s, it’s quite an expert thing to, to get that exactly right for the situation. And, um, the other question I asked was where can we buy the pallets? And the answer is that we currently don’t sell the pallets.
Um, we have our own teams that go around the country and perform the service. But, uh, normally engineers at the moment can buy the pallets in the shop or from us. I’d like to thank Steven from powder flush for coming along and demonstrating the product for us today. It’s been, it’s been really good. It’s been fun. If you’ve got any questions if you could ask them in the comments below. We’re going to do a followup video to this and we’re going to try and answer as many questions as we can. We’re going to do an onsite, um, we’re going to do a job. We’re going to, well, we’re going to try and find a really bad sludged up system that we can do a do a video on. So yes, if you’ve got any questions, ask them in the comments below and we’ll do as best to answer, answer them for you. Thanks for watching.

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