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so todays job we are doing a magnacleanse in otley leeds so we have connected our magnacleanse in just connected into the return pipework there then we are going to clean this system out so far i have not put any chemicals in just put water in the water in the system is very mucky so there are the magnets we have cleaned them we are going to put them into the filter now and we are going to run the boiler so we have put our chemicals in now pictures of sludge and magnetite , so we have just a water sample this is before we start to do the flush to show you how dirty it is hopefully we will have a clean one afterwards showing dirty system water showing a blocked central heating pump caused by the sludge in the system showing thermal imaging pictures of the radiators , right ok lets see how we are getting on , showing the magnetite sludge on the magnets , right ok thats not too bad showing a picture of the fernox tf1 filter , so we have finished with the magnacleanse now and we have fitted a fernox tf1 filter that will stop the system getting slugged up again its also a good point to be able to put our inhibitors in which is what we are going to do shortly , showing the water samples ,so thats before on the left and thats the one after on the right so if we look down the one on the left we cannot see anything but if we look on the right we can just see the target on the side we can see what action we need to take so its showing we need to add inhibitors , filter fluid , and jobs done, so now we have our fernox tf1 filter fluid and we are going to put this in the fernox tf1 filter

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