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Today we’ve been called out to a gas leak on a hob in Leeds, so we’ve put a test on. We’ve put a test on at the meter. We’ve got two millibar MB gas leak so it’s only a very small leak. The first thing we can do, I’m going to have a check under the hob so I’m going to take the cooker out and then we’re going to check under there. So we’ve got a Kane 700 here and we’re just flushing our grain there. We’ve been searching, this house it’s got a two millibar gas leak so it’s only a very small gas leak, but I’m just going to show you first place I always look is under the hob. Have a look at the state of this. What’s going on here? So it’s got a nice wand. We can go like that. We can see on there. So I think the customer might have been doing some DIY maybe, I’m not sure. Thank you for taking the time to watch my video finding a gas leak with a Kane 700.

Allen Hart

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